Sew Saturday Snippets #2

Good morning everyone!  It’s time for Sew Saturday Snippets #3!  If you missed Sew Saturday Snippets #1, and #2 this is a new series here where I’m highlighting cool makes, sewing community challenges, contests, and sewing videos.  If you’re interested in being featured on an upcoming edition of Sew Saturday Snippets, please email me at  Grab a cup of tea and let’s soak in some creative fuel!

Sew Saturday Snippets #2

Must-see Makes

Sew Saturday Snippets #3
image courtesy of Camelia of Calcedonia Sewing

Camelia made this edgy version of Designer Stitch’s Santi skirt from faux leather.  Her topstitching is beautifully clean and it shows off the fun design lines of this new pattern well!  I really love the leather ties.

Sew Saturday Snippets #3
image courtesy of Deepika, founder of Patternreview

Deepika stitched up an Itch To Stitch Hvar jacket in denim.  It must be topstitching week for me because  I was instantly drawn to the pretty pink contrast stitching on hers.  Everyone’s versions of this pattern have turned out beautifully, and I love the way the denim drapes on Deepika’s!

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Sew Saturday Snippets #3
image courtesy of Henna of Henna Hamima

Henna’s whimsical take on Sewaholic’s Fraser Sweatshirt is pure fun!  She smartly added a little frill on the shoulders that brings some great balance and a good focal point to this lighthearted hairstyle print.  There’s a little mini tutorial on her blog showing you how to add the frill too!

Sew Saturday Snippets #3

While I’m secret-sewing for That Sewing Blab‘s finals of So You Think You Can Sew this week, I made this bag.  It’s dyed with natural dyes and accented with vintage wool.  It’s also published in the Autumn 2017 edition of Altered Couture.


Nikki gave us a sneak peek on Instagram of her ensemble for the #littlereddressproject.  It’s a stretch lace boat neck based on Gertie Sews Vintage Casual book and a scuba skirt she made with her (and Rachel’s) Scuba Skater Skirt(say that 5x fast) tutorial video.

Contests/Sewing Community Challenges and News

Sew Saturday Snippets #3
This episode of That Sewing Blab airs at 7:30 Eastern time December 19th on Duelling Designs’ Crowdcast.

It’s the final week of So You Think You Can Sew on That Sewing Blab.  The show airs this Tuesday, December 19th at 7:30 US Eastern time.  I’ll be competing against the absurdly talented Melanie Wise of It’s Melanie Darling.  Register to watch HERE, and trust me, you want to watch live!  There’s lots of fun for the live watchers, and only people watching the live show can vote for the winner.  I’m DYING to reveal my project!!!!  It just might be the best thing I’ve ever made.

Sew Saturday Snippets #3
photo from Amazon

BIG BIG news from Johanna of The Last Stitch who’s book Sewing Activewear was just released.  Johanna is such a thoughtful sewist with an incredible eye for detail and precision, so no doubt this book will be a great addition to your sewing library.

Sew Saturday Snippets #3
image from

The #littlereddressproject reveal runs from tomorrow (yay!), December 17th-24th.  Get ready for your Instagram and sewing vlogging feed to be taken over by a huge collection of festive holiday dresses.  Valentino eat your heart out.


This week on SewTube

My Handmade Holidays series concluded (though I have 1 more surprise up my sleeve that’s in the works!).  Check out my Quilted Scarf Tutorial, Sewing Pattern Wishlist, Sewing Room Wishlist, and Gifts for Sewing Friends.

JessaliHandmade is running a Papercut Patterns Sapporo Coat sewalong.  It’s coat season, and the Sapporo is a cool one that definitely keep you warm and toasty!

Kittenish Behaviour shows us how to make a pleated, gathered skirt.  Let’s get to twirling!

The Fold Line does a nice little review of Sewing Your Perfect Capsule Wardrobe.  There’s a lot of style books out there for creating wardrobes, but this one is geared towards we who sew.  It really seems like a very thoughtful book with loads of little helpful advice on sewing and reflecting on your wardrobe.


What’s on your sewing table this week?



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