Sew Saturday Snippets #2

Good morning everyone!  I’ve been looking forward to Sew Saturday Snippets #2!  If you missed Sew Saturday Snippets #1, this is a new series here where I’m highlighting cool makes, sewing community challenges, and sewing videos.  If you’re interested in being featured on an upcoming edition of Sew Saturday Snippets, email me at  Grab a cup of tea and let’s be inspired together!

Sew Saturday Snippets #2

Inspiring Makes

Sew Saturday Snippets #2
Photo courtesy of Laquana of Made By Laquana

Laquana made this kickin cold shoulder dress.  It is equal parts fierce and so beautifully fit.  No wonder she had people requesting orders immediately after she donned it this day!

Pauline made the coolest pattern hack of a Fendi sweater dress.  If you’re familiar at all with Pauline’s work, you know that she is the queen of pattern hacking, and this one is an impressive one.  Not only is the lacing really cool, but the black is a great contrast against the red.


Sew Saturday Snippets #2
photo courtesy of Lindsey Hodgson

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Lindsey made a wowser of a coat in this Sculptural Bucket Coat from Stitchless TV.  This fabric is such a spectacular print and the oversized scale of this pattern shows it off well!  There’s some more pics on her Facebook.

Sew Saturday Snippets #2

I ice dyed some pull on jeans I sewed up from white denim jeggings fabric from LA Finch Fabrics.  Catch a quick video too about how I iced dyed everything.

Sew Saturday Snippets #2
photo courtesy of Meg of Cookin’ and Craftin’

Meg made her Mom the prettiest Hey June Tallinn sweater from this bright pink quilted knit.  How cute is her Mom?

Contests/Sewing Community Challenges

2017MakeNine is finishing up.  If you’ve participated, how have you done with this challenge?  You still have until December 31st to finish up this self-paced challenge from Lucky Lucille.

Patternreview’s Pajama Contest is going on until December 15th.

Sew Saturday Snippets #2
picture courtesy Linda of Nice Dress Thanks I Made It

Linda of Nice Dress Thanks I Made It is hosting the Designin’ December.  For this one, you knock off a RTW garment.  Last year, it was a fun challenge to follow, and I’m curious to see what people come up with.  If I didn’t have so many irons in the fire right now, I’d hop on this fabulous train!

This week on SewTube

My Handmade Holidays series continues where I’m showcasing quick and simple sewing projects for anyone and everyone on your gift list.  This week we made zipper can organizers, faux fur beanies, and I showed you how to quick line a tote bag.  My undying love for fabric yoyos shows up in this easy DIY Christmas garland.

Gabberdashery Vlogmas day 7, It’s Snowing Faux Fur:  Between discussions of pink unicorns and eyebrow trimmers, there’s a lot of fun here.

The Tailor and the Dressmaker talk about the virtues of a steam press in your sewing room.

Stitchy Bee made some adorable loungewear sets from floral velour and star print sweatshirt jersey that has me singing the songs from The Pajama Game!  I didn’t know it, but I guess she has a shop too where you can get the fabric that she features on her videos.


What are you stitching up this week?



  1. Great Saturday Snippet Elizabeth, allows me to catch up with anything I’ve missed sewing wise on the WWW. I’ll be looking forward to next Saturday!

    • Thank you Faye! That is definitely my hope for this series. I know often my reading time is very limited, so if I can condense things for other people, I hope it becomes helpful! I appreciate you reading!

  2. Thanks for the mention Elizabeth! If your readers have the time, jump in, otherwise stick around for a while and watch the action!

  3. Very nice reading (on a Sunday morning for me, LOL!). I love the snippets of everyone!

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