Are you a stabber?  I sure am.  Somehow I manage to not step on pins, but I’m always pricking my fingers with them and my only defense seems to be a good pincushion…but then, I forget where I’ve put those.  So I figured out a solution–attach it to myself via wrist.  But then there’s the stabbing issue on a larger, less calloused part of my body.  Here’s my attempt to fix that problem too:

Fringed Wristcusion


Coordinating (or not if that’s how you roll) scraps of cotton quilting fabric approximately 6″ long and any width

Scissors and/or rotary cutter

See-through quilting ruler

1 scrap of cardstock measuring 4″ X 4.5″

Your trusty sewing machine

1 scrap of canvas or other heavyweight decor fabric about 2″ X 2″

1 strip fabric about 1.75″ X 8″

1 scrap of fabric 2.5″ X 3″

28″ ribbon or bias tape

Needle and thread

A big fistfull of polyester stuffing

1 Dritz pins box bottom and the pins, of course!

glue stick!!

hot glue!!!

1/4 yd fringe trim


  1. Stack about 4 of the 6″ strips on top of each other.  Stagger the edges by about 1/4″ so that they won’t all be the same width when you cut them.  Using a see-through quilting ruler, cut through your stack at the 1.5″ mark.  Do this 2 times.  cuttingstripspc
  2. Using a 1/4″ seam allowance, join your strips of fabric in any order on the 6″ sides.  Press the seams in one direction.  pc1really
  3. Lay the cardstock template on top of the right side of your little pieced rectangle you made in step 1 and cut around it with a rotary cutter (or trace around it and cut it out with scissors).  I put my template down not straight with the seams, but you can orient it any way you like.   pc1
  4. Matching right sides together, stitch the 1.75″ X 8″ strip around the 2.5″ X 3″ rectangle with a 1/4″ seam allowance.  You might have a little extra–no bother–just trim it off…it need not be perfect.
  5. If you’re using bias tape, bring the long folded edges together and stitch to make a ribbon.  Center the ribbon (or bias tape) on the bottom of the little box you made in step 4 and stitch it in place. pcribbon
  6. Put the plastic pin box in the center of the fabric box.  Apply glue stick to the outside of the plastic box and wrap the fabric box around it, pressing the edges down so that they stick.  Apply a little more glue stick on the inside edge of the plastic box and secure down the raw edges of the fabric. pccoverbox
  7. Using a doubled and knotted length of thread, fold over the raw edge of the rectangle from steps 1-3 about 1/4″ and sew around the perimeter with a long running stitch.  pcgatherStick the canvas piece in the center of the wrong side of the bottom and start filling with the stuffing.  pcstuffingAs you add more stuffing, pull the thread so that it gathers tightly around the stuffing.  Keep adding more stuffing as you gather a little more.  keeponstuffingBe careful not to add too much at one time or your thread could break and you’ll have to stitch again.  When you’re done, it should be a plump little tuft and the stuffing will stick out a bit at the back.  Knot the thread securely. pcstuffed
  8. How fast can you glue gun?  Let’s find out!  Put a good dollop of hot glue in the center of the inside of the plastic box and stuff the little tuft in before the glue gets too cool.  I apologize now if you burn your fingers–I sure did…it didn’t feel good, but darn it I love my glue gun.  One by one, secure the edges of the tuft with a little more hot glue applied on the inside edges of the box.  You’ll probably have a little glue rearing it’s ugliness on the edges of your lovely little tuffet…but don’t fear–you have fringe!!!
  9. Run a bead of hot glue around the top outside edge of the box and press in the fringe trim, covering up any glue mess from step 7.  pcalmostdone
  10. Stick in your pins (just try and stab yourself through all that plastic), tie it on your wrist and you’re ready to sew!


  1. This is SO cute!! I think I’ll make me one!! But it will have to wait for me to finish my “BREAK from the glue gun”!! After all of the sequins…I needed one!! 🙂

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