scarf collar sweater

Scarf collar sweater

Burdastyle 1-2011-122

I hate sweaters.  Or they hate me.  When cooler weather rolls around, I try to shield myself from the rashes that wool produces or the burning fire of acrylic with layers of lightweight t-shirts to no avail.  Inevitably I end up feeling frozen, give up, and toss on my beloved, albeit not terribly attractive Met Opera hoodie.

When I came across this wool jersey from Textile-O-Phile for my birthday 2 years ago, I was pretty hopeful.  It is very finely woven, 100% Patagonia wool, and lightweight enough that if it does irritate my skin, I won’t be choking for air in it.  It even passed the scratch test (I held it against my collarbone in the store for like 2 minutes–crazy, but necessary).  I stashed it because at the time I was too in awe of it to actually use it, but now that I’ve accumulated some skillz, it was not a big deal to pull it out.  In looking back through my Burdas, I came across Burdastyle 01-2011-122:

scarf collar sweater

Because I have zero patience for knitting and crocheting,  I was glad to see that this was not a knit pattern, but a pattern for sweater knits.  It sewed up in about an hour.  Ah, to sew a sweater…

It is a cropped top, so you’ve been warned.  I compared it to my TNT knit pattern and ended up having to lengthen it by about 6 inches (my TNT is also shortened by 2″ so you longer waisted folks might need to add even more).  I cut the scarf in two pieces to conserve fabric (the scarf alone takes up just over 1/2 yd of fabric).  Unfortunately, since the seam does not lay at CB, it looks a little weird.  I can flip it about to make it less obvious, but if I had to do it over again, I would not be so miserly.

I do really love that I can add a brooch to this.  Necklace-loving me also hates sweaters because they are more problematic to add accessories to.  The brooch keeps the scarf in place and adds the flair that I feel bare without.  And it also satisfies the need to be dressed in like 30 seconds that I seem to get with the kids these days–ah, but in such a way that I don’t feel like a shlump.

Burda leaves it up to you how to wear this, and I’ve come up with a couple of options.  You can wrap it around the front and around and tuck the ends in.  Wearing it this way secures it to itself.  You can also wrap around the back the way it has been sewn on and fasten it with a brooch.  Wearing it this way is a little fussier, but it’s a hard top to wear with a necklace, so this is a good option for adding an accessory.  I’m sure there are other ways to wear it too–just play around.

scarf collar sweater

My full review is here.

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  1. This looks great on you! It has a very cool vintage/retro flair with the scarf and the brooch, and that color looks fabulous on you. I’m going to have to dig out that issue and check out this pattern.

  2. Nah, the collarbone test isn’t crazy… I can’t deal well with wool either, and if my fingers don’t start prickling as soon as I pick something up (which is usually what happens), I do the collarbone thing too! Or my forearm.

  3. This is really lovely! Great color and such an elegant style. Wool bothers me too, unless I wear something underneath it. I have yet to find any sweater knits I like (or am willing to pay for!).

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