Remixing Butterick 6330: Girls in the Garden for The Day and Night Dress Challenge

Hello, this is Lori from Girls in the Garden and I am so happy to be part of The Day and Night Dress Challenge. I am so excited to be part of this Challenge with so many talented sewists and can’t wait to see their day/night looks.

maxi dress with white jacket and maxi dress with belted cardigan and hat

Finding my dress to style

I started this challenge thinking I would use one dress but one afternoon went through my dresses.  Yes, that lead me to change my mind, I decided to go with this solid dark emerald maxi dress, Butterick 6330.  I love wearing maxi dresses in the spring and  summer.  I find maxi dresses perfect for any summer event, they are easy to wear and fun to dress up or down.  So if maxi dresses are so perfect for spring and summer, why can’t I expand this dress to fall and winter.  This dress was made last May 2018, so it is technically not very old but I want to make it more versatile for year round.  I wore it so much last summer, dates, out with my daughters,  and church.

Butterick 6330 maxi dress with belt and dog

My everyday style

My style is casual and easy with a bit of chic and bo-ho(70’s ) styles at times.  One thing I know, I am really not too dressy.  I tend to go with patterns and fabric combinations that work with this style.  If I go out of my box and try a different style, I find those garments don’t get worn as much.  You will be able to tell in my photos what is me and what I am most comfortable wearing.   I used my style to pick my day look but then went a bit outside the box with the fabric for the night look.  I did use a simple style for this fabric to keep the garment more my style. 

For my everyday life, I wear jeans, traditional blue denim and adding more colors of denim to my mix.  So that is why you see so many tops form me, they go with jeans and my daily lifestyle – work style.  As I said, a maxi dress is a good garment for me in the summer.  I will wear it quite often, so easy to wear and style.  With this in mind, it was time to think of a day and night look.  The day would be easy for me, a cardigan, which is my go-to for layering.

Add a little glitz for night

I started with the night look and knew it would be harder for me.  I went with over the top for me, glitzy and metallic.  I used Butterick 6062 (view A)  for a basic jacket using Mood Fabrics’ Metallic Gold Brocade.  My Butterick jacket was pretty basic and would show off the fabric. 

Butterick 6330 maxi dress with cropped metallic jacket
closeup of Butterick 6330 maxi dress with metallic cropped jacket

I did change one thing with the pattern, the lining goes right up to the seam.   A facing was added to the jacket and trimmed with a bias binding.  I thought this was a better look for me, as my lining was not a great match.  I added length to the sleeves and just turned up the sleeve hem allowance a bit more.   The Butterick pattern went together beautifully and with only three basic pattern pieces it is a quick garment to sew.  Just as I wanted the metallic brocade was the star of the show.

gold brocade closeup
sleeve lining on metallic brocade jacket

Where this look is taking me

 “All Out in Gold” was my motto for my night look, fancy gold belt, gold earrings , gold necklace and great shoes.  I like the look of the jacket, especially with the darker jewel tones of the dress.  Where am I going to wear this look?  I am thinking a wedding or a dressy evening at a work convention we attend yearly. I love this metallic basic jacket, I can see it with jeans (of course) and a button shirt with sleeves cuffed up and over the jacket’s sleeves.  Or wait, a new sleeveless Nikko might be needed for this metallic jacket.  I really feel this will be a great addition to my wardrobe.

Butterick 6330 maxi dress with metallic brocade jacket

Styling Butterick 6330 for my day look

Now for the day look, I headed to Pinterest for inspiration.  I searched layering maxi dresses and maxi dresses for winter.  I saw a cardigan wrapped over in the front and belted.  I had all those accessories and decided to give it a try. 

Butterick 6330 with belted cardigan and necklace

Taking the accessories up a notch,  I was inspired by Anita and her great hats, so I bought one for this day look.

Butterick 6330 styled with necklace, hat, and belted cardigan

  I am not sure I am a hat person but it was fun to have a prop.

hat, belted cardigan with Butterick 6330 maxi dress

My pattern is McCall’s 6996, a cardigan pattern I have made a few times before and a style I really like.  The fabric is a beautiful sweater knit from Style Maker Fabrics. The colors together are such beautiful jewel tones, they really work nicely together.  This color combination is not one I have tried before but I really love them together.

The McCall’s pattern has several options, mine is View C, with a good collar band.  Have a look at view A/B, the back flounce is amazing. 

This look is so comfortable for me, I love this look and if it wasn’t for The Day and Night Dress Challenge, I wouldn’t have had this look.  I paired it with the leather belt, big earrings and booties.

Butterick 6330 styled with leather booties, necklace, and belted cardigan

Thanks to Elizabeth for asking me to be a part of this fun challenge.  She helped me look at my dresses in a different way and expand their seasonal possibilities.


  1. Find your lonely dress in your closet! Sew up 2 extra pieces to coordinate with your dress for a day look and a night look.
  2. Let other people know about it.  Use #dayandnightdresschallenge on Twitter and Instagram and follow the Day and Night Dress Challenge Facebook group.
  3. Keep reading here to find out the latest.  Follow Elizabeth Made This on Instagram andFacebook.
  4. Post a picture of your newly styled dress and extra pieces in your day look and your night look to Instagram to enter yourself.  Don’t forget to tag me @elizabethmadethis and use the #dayandnightdresschallenge.
  5. Grab the graphic below and post it on your site and/or repost on Instagram:     


  1. Lori, I absolutely love both looks. You did an amazing job! Honey, the hat is a YES!!! I love how you accessorized your day look. I love how you searched for styling options. Your night look is very elegant. Both looks exude class. Well done.

    • As I was reading and I saw the shout out to you with the hat, I knew you would love it Anita! It’s so fun to play with accessories like that even if its just to explore possibilities!

  2. Fabulous looks, Lori. I love how that little jacket really elevates the look for a elegant evening out. So great to see how a casual cardigan makes the same dress perfect for a lunch out or errands

    • I’m so in love with the colors Lori chose! They’re so unexpected and yet seeing them together, they look so natural together!

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