Refashion tutorial: turn a belted cardigan into a zippered jacket

belted cardigan into a zippered jacket: Elizabeth Made This

belted cardigan into a zippered jacket

When it’s cold outside, the sweaters, they just fly into my basket at the thrift store if they happen to be the right color.  I run cold and my sewing room is in a chilly basement where my space heater is on (when the iron is not) 365 days of the year.  Usually that nebulous “small” “medium” “large” sizing works for me in sweaters.  I alter them to fit if they’re too big, but this time I didn’t pay attention and bought a size way too small.


I really must not have been paying attention because belted sweaters really need to have enormous fronts to cross over enough so that that dreaded gappity gap doesn’t happen at center front.  Normally, I’d chalk it up to experience and let the $3 go, but I really liked the hood on this sweater.  With just a 2 way separating zipper, Steam a Seam, a couple fabric scraps and the existing belt, I changed it into a much more wearable sweater.  Have a belted cardigan that gapes at CF?  You can fix yours too.

Refashion a belted cardigan into a zippered jacket

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belted cardigan into a zippered jacket

Elizabeth Made This

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10 thoughts on “Refashion tutorial: turn a belted cardigan into a zippered jacket”

  1. Again, so cute! I have to draft a hood for a top I want to make. I thought, maybe in one of your Burda magazines you have a hood that I can just copy. I can copy the neckline too. That would get me out of my procrastination stage I am in with this sweater top.
    See you Saturday!

    Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2015 23:42:09 +0000

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