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If recovering couch cushions is any indicator, this business of recovering my couch won’t be that bad after all.


Recovering Couch Cushions

After I ripped off the cover of one of the cushions, I made a quick pattern from the pieces, trueing up the edges and adding a grainline that would allow me to align the pattern piece with the fabric’s repeat.

recovering couch cushions

There really wasn’t much to the cushions–a zipper, and a couple of pieces that covered the zipper’s ends attached to one giant piece with a few pleats for shaping that wraps around the front of the cushion.  As you’re sewing along, you end up just continuously sewing the seams since the main cushion piece folds in on itself.  It’s kind of a neat trick, and simpler than the times that I’ve made boxed cushions.

My Janome ate through this fabric like it was cotton candy with the aid of a 110/18 leather needle and Gutermann upholstery thread.

recovering couch cushions


recovering couch cushions

It took a little more doing to stuff the foam back into the new cushion covers, but my pulling and yanking was rewarded in two smooth, taut cushions with some pretty good alignment of the pattern motifs.


recovering couch cushions

I know that the real work begins now, and that this is the last time my couch will not look like a total disaster for a while.  I’m armed with my trusty Berry staple remover, an electric staple gun, and a husband who genuinely likes helping me with my upholstery projects (so so good since upholstery requires a lot of hard physical work).  I probably should get a pair of safety glasses since Norm Abram tells me all the time that “There is no more important safety rule than to wear these (*tap, tap*) safety glasses.

recovering couch cushions

For the moment, I will enjoy a good cup of tea and a good read before I start recklessly pulling off the old

Elizabeth Made This

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