Sorry–not meaning to keep people in suspense.  The winner of the giveaway is Kelley (kelleyscrapping…)  Congratulations!  I hope it’s an excellent pattern for you.

email me at elizabethmadethis at yahoo so I can get your address and get it shipped to you.  Thanks everyone for participating!  There’s 2 more Onion pattern giveaways in the next couple of months.

I’m officially off garments for myself until post-baby.  I had a narrow window to get things done so that I felt like I’d be able to enjoy things long enough to make it worth my time, and it snowed last week, making the one garment I had planned kind of inappropriate.  It’s actually good because I can do some UFO tidying and really focus on things for the kids.  Like this lapped shoulder onesie that has been lingering on my unfinished table for *months*.

Rainbow Romper

rainbow romper

It’s an Ottobre pattern (6-2009-3), and I just couldn’t get myself to sit down with the Snap Setter to make it happen until yesterday.  I’d like to make more of these–the boys being both Spring babies, we have just a few long sleeve, long legged sorts of contraptions.

I also didn’t do such a hot job on the cuffs, thinking that I’d make construction easier for myself by just serging them on.  On the legs, this was a particularly bad idea as it made a nice bulge over where the snaps are.  It’s a testament to how great of a tool the snap setter is that those snaps went in without a hitch, even though the business side of the snap was all uneven inside of the hole before I snapped on the top part and hammered.

What gets you to finish little bits and bobs in your sewing room?

Elizabeth Made This

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  1. I love the little onesie! Unfortunately, nothing gets me to finish the little bits and bobs in my sewing room. It is in desperate need of a thorough clean and reorganize. But I don’t want to sacrifice any sewing time to do it!

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