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Plan a sewing snow day

As I write this there’s 13″ of snow out my window, so I thought, what better than to talk about how to plan a sewing snow day.

And while it might not be snowing where you are today, there’s a long holiday weekend ahead, so why not figure out how to sneak in some quality sewing time?!

Here’s how I’m planning to find some sewing time in my snowy long weekend in between turkey and games. I think you’ll find something in here that’ll work for you too!

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How to plan a sewing snow day

I don’t know when it was that I first heard the word “staycation”, but I think it’s a great concept.

Find something that you love, stay close to home and do that on a day off!

I’ve been on a couple of sewing retreats now. The camaraderie and the group fabric shopping and just general hanging out is wonderful, but you can stay close to home and still have a good time.

And even though you’re having a snowing snow day doesn’t mean that you have to be all by yourself.

Wait, what? Sewing snow day need not be a solitary affair?

Read on, friend!

Picking your projects for your sewing snow day

First pick out a couple of projects. Maybe there’s a jeans pattern you’ve been wanting to work on, or a coat you really want to reserve some time for.

Maybe now is the time for you to really dial in on getting your gift sewing done for the Holidays. I have a couple resources here to help you with that:

Quick DIY Christmas projects for anyone on your list

collection of woven mug and tea
DIY woven mug rugs

Try your hand at weaving with wool. Awesome scrap buster!

diy fringe scarf
Double fringe scarf

An almost no-sew DIY fringe scarf that’s great for gifts for friends

boot and diy boot covers
Because snow is cold

Give faux fur a whirl with simple to sew DIY boot covers.

Getting all your supplies ready to go for your sewing snow day

Prewash all your fabrics you need for your fabrics.

Cut everything you’ll need. If you can do this the day or a couple days before your sewing snow day, do that. I personally hate it when boring tasks like interfacing slow down my sewing flow. Doing those kinds of things the night before frees up quality sewing time later!

batch cut pile of pajamas
Batch cut pjs ready to sew

Next stack every different project in its own pile. Stacking things in construction order, right sides together will also help keep you sewing efficiently.

Maybe fabric shop on your sewing staycation

There’s always great fabric sales to be had on holiday weekends, but you don’t necessarily have to brave crowds like on Black Friday at Joann.

Checkout online fabric stores to get in on deals from the comfort of your cozy house.

I know it can be intimidating fabric shopping online, so here are some ways to help you be a better online fabric shopper.

Block out time for your sewing snow day

Figure out how much time you can allot for your sewing snow day.

I know with family it’s tough to set aside an entire day, but at least try to devote a couple of consecutive hours that will just be for sewing.

My family loves hitting the sledding hill in our neighborhood on snowy days. Me, not so much (cold in face =sad), so that’s always a good time for me to grab some free sewing time. When they get home after a good afternoon in the powder, I’m ready to join back into family time with hot chocolate and board games.

Let your loved ones know that that’s what you’ll be doing during that time block so that you can set up expectations for you and them.

And if you’re struggling to block out time, here’s 15 ways to make time to sew to give you some ideas. It’ll help you time hack your way to more sewing time in the midst of your busy life.

Make some good tea or coffee

Your projects are cut, and you’re ready to sew. Next make a good cup of tea or coffee. Put on some tunes and settle in to sew.

This green tea is one of my favorite treats for special days like this.

Invite a sewing buddy to your sewing snow day

If you’re having a legit snow day, it might be hard to have a sewing friend with you at your house.

But if you have a neighbor who sews, why not? Maybe pack up your car and drive next door though. It would stink to slip on ice while carrying your machine and all of the stuff that you’ll inevitably have with you.

Even easier though, invite an online sewing friend to your sewing snow day. One of the things I love about the greater online sewing community is all of the friends I’ve met. Some I’ve met in real life, and some are far, far away.

Call up one of them on Google hangouts or Skype and sew while you chat. I’ve done this a few times with some of my YouTube besties, and it’s a remarkably wonderful way to get to spend time with a friend while you’re working.

Clean your sewing room

Maybe you’re not really in the mood to sew but you still want to take advantage of your time.

Why not clean up your sewing room? A little bit of organization and tidying up can make a big difference on your mental state the next time you have a block of sewing time.

collection of Christmas fabrics for a sewing snow day

My own fabric stash is starting to get a little weird. It’s time I went through this process again:

Try some slow sewing

hand embroidery plus fabric, scissors, and embroidery thread
simple embroidery for a snowy day

Sometimes you wanna sew fast–multiples of the same thing as fast as you can crank them out. And there’s other times, when it’s good to do something that takes a little longer.

On your sewing snow day, why not try something that you wouldn’t normally do.

Sashiko, a reverse applique project or some freeform embroidery would all be good here. The best part of some of these slow sewing tasks, is that you can a lot of times pop in a movie and enjoy both at the same time.

Here’s 66 other embellishment ideas for your sewing projects.

Take breaks

Don’t feel like you have to work work work during your sewing staycation. If you’re working with a friend, take a treat break.

And if you’re on your own, do something totally different. I love to do a little baking in between sewing sessions on snow days. Photography is another nice thing to break up your sewing time. Take advantage of that extra window light you get from snow reflection!

So those are my ideas for planning a sewing snow day. Hopefully you’re ready to get into your sewing space and work on something that you love.

How do you find time to sew on a day off?

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  1. Elizabeth. I love reading your posts and all of the great ideas you have for organizing, blocking out time to sew, sewing projects and sew much more great ideas!!
    Thanks for sharing! You are an inspiration!
    Ps: I loved your ice dyeing article you posted last summer. I gathered my white fabric together to try my hand at it, but then chickened out!
    Maybe, I’ll try it this summer!

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