I took on the challenge on the current project at Tie One On.  Make a plaid apron.  I studied an article in an old issue of Threads to gear my brain up for the task.  I drafted a simple apron bodice and decided to fit it to the front skirt of Vogue 7735, which is just a basic 8 panel A-line skirt I had in my stash.  On the pattern envelope, it of course said the pattern was “unsuitable for ….plaids…” Bah! I say!  I folded up my seam allowances and carefully pinned and cut out each section of the skirt one at a time.  Sure things aren’t on grain, but I figured…hey, it’s an apron…I can still use it, and the experience of matching stripes is more valuable than if it’s 100% on grain.

The pocket is from Colette Pattern’s Parfait that I did a while back.  I like it in plaid.


All of that being said, I’m over my fear of stripes…it’s tedious to match them, but kind of fun…like a big ole puzzle.  Sandra Betzina recommends using double stick tape instead of pins to hold things in place even more carefully when matching patterns.  Methinks I shall try this next time.


  1. chimpsgomoo Reply

    Oh that’s so pretty, I love what you did with the pockets!

  2. You did an AWESOME job lining up the stripes!! And the pockets are wonderful in plaid! GREAT JOB! Can’t wait to see what you are cooking in your new apron!! Something yummy and hearty for the Fall? If you haven’t been to Wee Folk Art yet, they are taking and giving some great Recipes for the season, even though they are more a “Hand-stitching” blog!! Check them out…and submit a recipe, I know you have TONS!! 😀

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