flared pencil skirt

Since having my colors done, I’ve been slow to get things done.  I’ve been really looking at my stash and trying hard to stay within my palette and contrast level.  I do really feel much better wearing these colors, but there’s often not a lot available to me in fabric shops.  Like when I shop RTW (minus LOFT which apparently has my number the last two seasons!), I sometimes get frustrated by my lack of choices.  Hopefully I can find some really good choices when we’re on our big road trip out to NC to see family.  We’re stopping at Needle Nook in Wichita and Vogue Fabrics in Chicago (yay yay yay!), so I’m sure to pick some things up that will fit within my palette.

So now, when I find something in my colors, I snatch it up quickly.  So it was with this poly/cotton twill that I found at Denver Fabrics.  The pattern is Burdastyle 12/2009/122.  I love the froofy flounce at the bottom that extends around the back.  The basic shape of the skirt is a pencil skirt, but the flounce makes it more of a flared pencil skirt.  The magazine has it made up in corduroy which I’ve always thought was a bit silly for a flounce which probably should be in a softer, more drapey fabric.  But given the denim details of the skirt, I went for it in the twill.  To me, the overall effect of this skirt is a denim pencil skirt with some froth in the back.  Fun.

Flared Pencil Skirt

flared pencil skirt

I added a CF seam because I couldn’t figure out why you’d have a side seam zipper but bother putting in the topstitching details of a fly front.  Why not just have a fly front?  There’s easier to sew…but then I’m pretty comfortable with fly fronts.  I also added a CB seam because when I made up my muslin, I needed to add a wedge across my bum for a better fit, so the back piece could no longer be cut on the fold.  No matter–both these changes allowed me to add more denim style topstitching.

flared pencil skirt

The welt pockets on front went in mostly without trouble.

flared pencil skirt

My only real trouble was with the back pockets.  Because of the bit of poly in the fabric, it was not as stable as a regular cotton twill as I was topstitching the design.  Also, my Frixion pen would not come out with steam which I’ve noticed happens on fabrics with poly.  The red pen ended up being much better than the blue, so on my 3rd attempt at the pockets, I carefully traced the design and just went very slowly and made sure to pull on the thread, not the fabric at the end of stitching before I cut the threads (I had gathered the stitches unintentionally on a previous attempt by pulling on the fabric at the end of stitching).

This is just the kind of skirt I love–a basic with added details.  It will get a lot of wear once I have a couple more tops that will coordinate with it.  I did make one, but it deserves its own post.

My full review is here.


  1. Very snazzy skirt and the welt pockets looks pretty good. I fuse my pockets before topstitching just to make it a lot easier.

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