Ottobre 5-2007-2

This is the third time now that I’ve made Ottobre 5-2007-2.  It’s a great basic button down with ties on the sleeves that create some ruching.  The ruching is an interesting detail, and it’s more comfortable to wear than a cuff.  I’ve made this pattern up as a pajama top

Ottobre 5-2007-2

and also a good basic button down.

Ottobre 5-2007-2

I was going to fancy up the sleeve this time and forego the ruched ties, but I had already cut the sleeve.

As it turns out, I don’t really mind that I’ve already made it.  It doesn’t look particularly like my other versions due to the very different fabric, and I like the detail at the sleeves well enough that I’m not at all bothered by my lack of innovation.

The fabric is similar to cotton Oxford shirting, but it’s a bit softer.  If I ever find real Oxford cloth in my colors, I’m buying a bolt of it.  It makes such a pretty, crisp collar and it is lovely to wear, which is great when it’s still far into the 90s in September here (ugh).  I like the color better too than my other versions, so I think this iteration will get the most use in my wardrobe.

Ottobre 5-2007-2

Do you ever make the same thing multiple times just because it’s fast and easy or because you just like a pattern?

My updated review is here.
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  1. Lovely blouse and there is now way I would say that you have made 3. Once I get something to fit I make it up multiple times!

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