I don’t mean to hate on quilters or quilting, but I’m not a fan of the act of quilting myself.  Though I love the end result, I’m not a fan of cutting out the pieces, and I find the sewing just kind of boring.  But once in a while, I simply can’t keep away from the rich saturated colors that you find in quilting fabrics. 

So when I found these amazing squares of very vintage fabric

at the thrift store one day, I knew that they should be a blanket for Noah.  I bought some fabric at JoAnn yesterday to flesh out the palette, and I’m enjoying the contrast of the vintage fabrics with the modern ones.

I serged everything together since Gnomey is getting her timing fixed.  This was pretty quick except I didn’t bother measuring for my borders, so I kind of pieced haphazardly which is my way anyhow.  The back is some IKEA fabric I won along with lots of other goodies a long time ago from decor8.  I’ll tie it when I get some batting.


  1. Quilting is not my thing either. But I don’t mind something quick now and then like what you’ve done. Yours is adorable.

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