Named Inari dress plus white moto vest and animal print bomber jacket

Hi, I’m Helena from and I co-host a monthly garment sewing podcast called Clothes Making Mavens. I was so thrilled to join this tour again, especially when I heard about the fun twist!

Working through wardrobe puzzles

This challenge really blended well with lots of thoughts I’ve been having about wearing the pieces that I’ve made. I have traveled a few times recently and realized while I packed that while I wear the stuff I make, it is rarely a full outfit of handmade and I am often stuck thinking what do I wear with this? A big part of that is sometimes I sew for the life I long for, and not so much the one I actually live. Does anyone else have that problem?

Pairing this linen Named Inari dress

I made this beautiful metallic linen Named Inari dress back in 2016 and I still love it. But this was my first version and I didn’t make a muslin, so I feel it is a little short on me. I don’t think it actually appears too short, but because of the side slits, the skirt can float away from my legs and I feel exposed. When I tried wearing it during the day I was always a tad uncomfortable.

Named Inari dress with white moto vest

Day look: White denim moto vest

So for my day look I created a white denim Moto vest to anchor the dress and bring down the sparkle a little bit. It does exactly what I expected, and even walking over to the park for this photo shoot I felt confident. And it really changed the whole look of the dress! I paired it with my taupe booties and a necklace and I wished I had somewhere fun to go. I know that in a few short months, when it is finally warm again, I will rock this look hard.

With my thoughts still on the purpose for this challenge, I noticed that I could pair this vest with any number of my handmade dresses and their vibe will also be completely transformed. A vest is such a perfect “completer” piece to add style to an outfit without too much warmth.

closeup of white denim motorcycle vest and Named Inari dress

Even better is the fact that this was made from my now perfected Wear Lemonade Mona jacket pattern that I made 3 times in December. I just left off the sleeves. I added bright yellow topstitching to make it more “denim casual” instead of “lab coat” and added shiny gold snaps. I originally made it much longer, but when I really tried it on with things I wanted to wear it with, I cut about 6 inches off and I think this length is cool but versatile. I was sad about that wasted denim, though.

Night look: Animal print + McCalls 7100 bomber jacket

Named Inari dress paired with animal print bomber jacket

Now this night look I had been stewing over for a while. I had just enough scrap animal print linen to eke out only the front and back of the bomber jacket McCall’s 7100. In raglan bomber jackets, the sleeves are the real fabric hogs, so my little scraps were just enough. The neutral knit I paired it with is so soft, and I ended up underlining the linen with it because metallic anything can be scratchy. Consequently, this jacket is super cozy inside.

closeup of Named Inari dress paired with animal print bomber jacket

This look is especially great when you go somewhere fancier, but it is cold and you don’t really want to take your jacket off, but the jacket is a distraction from your outfit. This entire ensemble works together, and if I get warm I can take it off. I’m planning to wear it to dinner tomorrow night, and I know I’ll be comfortable and stylish.

Handmade wardrobe takeaways

side view of Named Inari dress paired with animal print bomber jacket

Some may say that a bomber jacket is not very dressy, and I do agree, but I still think this outfit is elevated by the matched set aspect and the unique fabric. But again, I think I’ll be wearing this jacket with a lot of other items of my clothing, especially my old standby; jeans. The taupe and dusty purpley colors in the print certainly don’t go with everything like a white vest does, but it will look great with blue jeans. So, not only have I created more wearability for one of my favorite dresses, but I will be able to mix and match the new garments in the rest of my wardrobe as well!

This challenge was brilliant in getting me to think about my one forlorn dress and my entire wardrobe. Thanks, Elizabeth!

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