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I’ve been playing along with Helena’s linkups at Gray All Day for the past several weeks that I’ve been able to.  I enjoy being able to see everyone’s projects in one spot and to meet new (to me) blogs along the way.  This week instead of posting a picture of a women’s garment, Helena asked people to show their sewing stash.

I have to say, this is a tough challenge for me right now because my sewing room is very much is the middle of chaos.  But really, when you’re in the middle of projects, is your space ever NOT in chaos? Do actual, non-robotic people truly ever work in all of those perfect kitchens and craft rooms you see in magazines?  My Dad’s motto has always been,

“A clean desk is the sign of a sick mind.”

So, I didn’t clean up for you all, and maybe that’s okay.  Welcome to the work-in-progress that is my sewing room.

I sew in my basement in a fabulous room that is bigger than our master bedroom when you add in the space of the walk in closet.  I’m really glad to have so much space, but it’s dark and cold most of the year.  This is remedied by magical things called lightbulbs and a space heater.  Also, fleece leggings and my zippered cardigan help a lot.

sewing stash

All of my books and pattern magazines are currently under the table from when we painted my bookshelves after Christmas.

sewing stash
And why put books on shelves when you can enjoy the pretty vintage linen on them?


The paint did NOT want to stick onto the devilish laminate, and after we MADE it stick with brute force, I didn’t want to risk it peeling off by putting the books back on.  Is it dry now after 4 months?  I’m pretty sure yes.  And yet the books remain…

sewing stash
1. fabric folded in cubbies, 2. random piece of foam because when you upholster, you have random pieces of foam, 3. my piece of 1″X4″ covered with wool that I used for hammering on tack buttons, 4. screenprinting ink, 5. coffee pot leftover from my BRIEF stint as a caterer, 6. polyfil for pillows and stuffies, 7. storage for bias tape, elastic, and other stringy things, 8. box with screenprinting supplies, 9. What is a computer box doing in this room? 10. spray starch, BONUS! I totally stash scraps of denim behind the cubby box; it’s scary back there.

My fabric is on shelves.  Small pieces are folded and stacked in this little cubby storage unit.

sewing stash

Bigger pieces right now are folded in half widthwise and rolled.  My husband is actually in the process of building a custom rack for me not unlike a giant wine rack that I can stuff cardboard tubes of fabric into.  It’ll be really nice to see everything.  It is organized by color now, but it’s difficult to know what’s under the first few layers since everything is stacked 10 deep.

sewing stash
“Let us draw the curtain of charity over the rest of this scene” Mark Twain, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

My deep stash (fabric that I’ve either set aside for a later, specific project or fabric that is only to be used for a very special occasion) resides behind the curtain.  Fabric for mockups, knit lining fabrics, and my scrap box also lives under here.  This is where the stuff that is really messy and generally unorganized goes.  It always looks like a tornado struck under here.

sewing stash

I stapled snap tape to the edge of the shelf that snaps onto snaps on the curtain.

Someday soon too, I will finish recovering my couch in this room.  But at the moment, as I wait for upholstery supplies to arrive from DIY Upholstery Supply, this is the view of my couch.

sewing stash

I do always admire quilters for how neatly they have their fabric folded and sorted by color, but I always wonder–is there a way to make your garment fabrics neat and organized in an actually aesthetically pleasing way, or is this just all a fevered Pinterest-fueled dream?


Elizabeth Made This

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  1. Ah silly Pinterest, you give pretty ideas but don’t send someone to implement them. I try my best to keep things neatly folded but those darn slippery fabrics just don’t stand up to being breathed on. What do you do? I like your tube idea, I may give that a try with my unruly pieces.

    • elizabethmadethis Reply

      Where ARE the Pinterest elves, indeed? Slippery fabrics can be tamed in part by wrapping them in between tissue paper. I’ve seen my Emma One Sock orders come to me wrapped like that, and it seems to help a lot.

  2. Thanks for showing your stash. It’s nice to see a real space. I’m always trying to keep my space tidy. I have notions of moving by sewing space to the living room from the dark, cold basement, but not until I am able to keep it organized. Unfortunately, sewing is way more fun than tidying up after. I’ve been storing my fabrics by colour, but I’m in the process of switching to storing by type. There is fabric laid out throughout the entire kids play area. Luckily the weather is nice, so the kids can play outside.

    • elizabethmadethis Reply

      Sorting by type is another great system!

  3. Ha ha — I should show my fabric stash this week — because I *just* re-organized it as my mother-in-law is coming to visit soon! I have my fabric scraps organized by color and stacked neatly (more or less). I use the ruler trick … I fold the scraps around my ruler that is about 6 1/2″ wide, then fold over again. Having done this for a few years, it works well IF I keep using the method!
    Your stash looks great — perfect for makin stuff!

    • elizabethmadethis Reply

      That sounds like a very tidy method, Jen! I’m sure it looks lovely!

  4. I love your space and your cute bookshelves. And I’m wracked with jealousy over a wine rack style thing to keep fabrics in, that sounds amazing!

    I’m looking forward to seeing the couch transformation, too. Very ambitious.

  5. Your sewing room looks awesome! A completely immaculate creative space would be so boring, wouldn’t it? I love throwing scraps on the floor and making a mess when I’m sewing because it feels so liberating ha ha.

    • elizabethmadethis Reply

      Things are only super clean between projects which, means, never since I go from one project to the next to the next. I’m glad I have a Dyson for eating up all my thread bits that are perpetually on the floor.

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