kids' cowboy costume

I’m not really into Halloween as a holiday between excesses of sugar and the celebration of really scary things, but I will say that I’ve always loved making costumes–mostly for stuffed animals.  Yet there’s something sweet about kids’ cowboy costumes.

Kids’ cowboy costume

So when there was a father/son cowboy themed event at church a few weeks ago, I jumped on the chance to make up something simple for #1.  I found a great wool hat at the thrift store which was much nicer than all of the costume hats, and reasonable at $3.  He already had plaid button downs and jeans, so all I needed to sew was a little vest.  I found maybe 1.5 yds faux suede for 3 more dollars also at the thrift store that was a nice weight and a good color.

kids' cowboy costume

I did some trolling on Etsy to find some inspiration and modified the last vest I made for him with some piecework in which I utilized both sides of the suede.  It’s not double-faced (it’s got a knit backing), but the backing is decent-looking enough and it offered a good contrast to show off the piecework I did.

kids' cowboy costume

I added fringe and blue topstitching and I used up the rest of my stash of rivets just because I could.  I found a little sheriff’s star at Hobby Lobby to top it off.

As it so happened, #2 was way into a little cow costume that we found on the same trip as the hat.  He was less enchanted with it after we tried to put it on him.  Last Saturday there was a trick-or-treat street at the zoo which we went to with Noah’s bestie (who, in an unrelated choice decided to be a horse).  Sam fell asleep on our way to the zoo and was tired enough that he consented to being stuffed into the cow outfit.

kids' cowboy costume

kids' cowboy costume

kids' cowboy costume

So though my Hween sewing contributions were small, I was still able to contribute enough to help amp up my creativity and make little people happy, and that is welcome balm to my tired brain.

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  1. The vest is so cute! Cowboy theme is so fun, and how great you happened to find the cow costume to fit right in with it.

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