I made my own jeans.  And they actually fit pretty well.  There’s a hair of gappy in the waist due to me losing more weight since I made my muslin, but other than that, I’m happy with them.  I got rid of most of the bagginess in the seat via cutting the back inseam 2 sizes smaller and by folding out some of the length in the back crotch.  There’s still some excess in the back, but most of that is from the waist being too big and everything sagging down.

I’ve talked here before about Kurt Wallander having sweaters for certain temperature ranges…I guess these jeans will be for my weight now +5 lbs.  I’m at least understanding the process of pants fitting better even if my weight is a little hit and miss right now.

So what if it took me a week’s worth of naptimes to get through making these.  I got them done, and they fill an enormous hole in my wardrobe which has been missing jeans since my maternity jeans have been big enough to step out of.  I used Vogue 1034, the Today’s Fit pattern by Sandra Betzina.  I passed these over before because they have that high-waisted mommish sort of look.  I picked up the pattern though when I knew I was going to do the fit class with Sandra Betzina herself…I figured she knew the pattern so well that there would be less fuss, and any and all of her directions I’ve followed have yielded great results.  When I opened up the pattern, I saw to my delight that there were directions for making them lower rise which I followed.  I like where they sit now.  The double pockets are kind of fun, but my do they add bulk even with the extremely lightweight cotton batiste that I used for them.  This is pretty lightweight denim too–I can’t imagine trying to do these pockets in heavier fabrics.

I took my time on the topstitching using an old spool of Coats and Clark heavyweight thread I bought a long time ago to hem some jeans (my most favorite Banana Republic jeans I got on clearance for I think $15–I blew the knees out of them though ;( ).  The thread is a little thickish, but with a denim double needle it did the job.

For the next pair, I’ll try some different topstitching thread.  The double needle really made a difference.  The rows are perfectly spaced and I only had to make one pass on each round of topstitching.  It did take extra time to rethread though vs. just changing the top thread if I had used a single needle.  I certainly see why people set up an extra machine for topstitching.

The top is Burda 7508 which you have seen before in leftover fabric I had, but I never got around to writing about version two in this pretty aqua striped shirting.  This top has gotten a lot of wear with the heat.  It strikes a good balance for me of being the kind of fitted tops I like to wear but in a reasonable fabric for summer.

Here is my review of the jeans.

And the review of the top.


  1. Yay!! Congratulations! Jeans are a big sewing milestone, I think. And you’ll never go back to RTW.

  2. Lita Jones Reply

    I have never had the nerve to make jeans and pants I made are passaable but not great. Good job on the jeans and the top. You look great and the double needle with the top stitching makes all the difference.

  3. You MADE JEANS???!!!! holy chicken cow is right!! Girl, you have moved up to Super Hero status in my eyes!!! 🙂 Sorry to be soooo absent (again!!) Everything you have made lately looks sooo well done, and very flattering on you! I’ll try to keep up more often!! xo

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