Oh Simplicity 2369, how I love thee.  A t-shirt as comfy as pajamas but with feminine flair.  While not a super fast sew (well, at least this time, being a bit rusty), everything is drafted just lovely and would be very simple for a beginner.  If you’re nursing, this is also a great top. 

Does the fabric look familiar?  I still had plenty of this poly knit leftover from my Maternity Christmas Dress I made several months ago.  I faced the harsh reality of being a full 10 lbs heavier than where I was at the same point with Noah and cut the pattern slightly bigger.  In reality, I probably cut it TOO large, but I just wanted to have a pretty top to wear post partum.  When your body feels out of whack and oddly shaped, it’s reassuring perhaps to know there’s something pretty to cover it up with hanging in your closet.

Again, I find myself grateful that I can sew.  It’s hard being a weight that you’re physically not comfortable being.  Being able to make clothes that FIT for whatever size you are gives you a lot more freedom.  I bought a lot of poorly made and really not all that cheap clothes post partum with Noah and I spent a lot of time feeling sad about my body instead of accepting where I was at and respecting it for the really cool thing that it had just been through.  Now that I have a set of skills, I feel much more ready to accept where I am this time and make some things to get me through the transition.  I will stop whining about my weight now…I’m working out again–it will come [is coming] off, just not instantly.

I updated my studio post below with actual pictures too if you’re interested.


  1. It really does look great on you! I might have this pattern…have to check! Hope you are taking good care of yourself. I’ve decided to spend aLOT of time doing nothing this summer…no rushing around, or feeling obligated to DO something!! I am participating in my Library’s Adult Summer Reading program, and just lying around reading mystery novels…with a few “educational” type books thrown in…it is TOO HOT to think about anything else!! Enjoy your new home and those babies!! Have a good Summer!! xoxo

  2. Katharine in Brussels Reply

    It’s still a lovely colour on you. I’m full-term tomorrow (37wks) and found once again your thread on postpartum clothes on PR. Great stuff! I was scratching my head wondering how to manage side seams and all with a PP figure. Thanks for the tip on this as a nursing top because I’m still nursing #1 so you can bet bfing clothes are a priority. SIM isn’t sold here but I’ll put it on my wish list.

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