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I’m recapping Me Made May ’15, Days 4-6.  It has been a rainy rainy couple of days here.

Me Made May '15

It’s so often sunny here in CO, the rain is a nice change of pace.  On day 4, the spring drizzles gave me an excuse to bring out my Quilted Smocked Jacket (BWOF 2-2008-117) to go over my Tablecloth dress, lilac ity leggings I made in a burst of last minute trip sewing, and a peachy pink Burdastyle 9-2010-121 turtleneck that I made to go under the tablecloth dress.  My brother commented on Facebook that the ensemble reminded him of Master and Commander.

Me Made May '15

I don’t know about that, but I do know I’d last about 3 minutes on an actual ship.  For a brief moment, it is kind of fun to fancy yourself as a sea captain.

Day 4

Me Made May '15

On day 5, the rain was steadily drizzling, the irises were blooming, and I wore my Suede Sleeve Panel Sweater, and Orchid Embroidered Inseam Jeans.  It’s a bit silly wearing a sweater in May, but this sweater is the perfect weight–warm enough for rainy days, but not so heavy as to be oppressive.  Appropriate for maybe 45-60 degrees F.

Me Made May '15

I’m wearing stripe on stripes for day 6, combining Burdastyle 2-2013-109 asymmetric knit top with my Lemon Floral Embroidered jeans (Ottobre 5-2014-19), and Pink striped jacket (BWOF 2-2008-106).

I’m pretty proud of this combination.  This jacket has haunted me since I made it in 2010.  Back then, I didn’t know what my Burda size really was, so I just kind of guessed at what size I needed to make.  It didn’t even occur to me then that you could actually measure your body and look at the size charts.  Yup, newbie mistake.  Not surprisingly, the jacket falls off my shoulders and generally looks absurd in its oversized state.

Me Made May '15

But I couldn’t let it go because it was my first lined jacket, and I love the little bias details and extra big buttons.  Plus it’s seersucker which is so darn lovely to wear and makes such a nice, crisply casual Spring jacket. Since I made it, I’ve probably worn this jacket about 4 times.  Usually, I go into my closet to grab it, put it on, then immediately take it off because I couldn’t figure out how to make it work.

Then when I was photographing my Deconstructed Silk Scarf Jeans, I cracked the too-big jacket code.  Because it’s a fuller shape, I have to pair it with slimmer pieces so the whole look has some balance to it.  So skinny jeans and a fitted top + this jacket = a too big jacket that I can actually fit into my wardrobe.  Yay!  I figured out how to wear a jacket that I love/hate and came up with a principle for other too-big clothes.

Do you have pieces in your wardrobe that you can’t quite let go of though they’re not the right size?  Have you figured out a way to still wear them well?


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      I’d love to know when you make the Burda top. It’s got really cool construction–it’s a fun sew!

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