Recently I’ve come to the conclusion that I feel slightly wrong about sewing nice new clothes for myself when Noah’s clothes are starting to show the wear that constant activity and necessary washing affords.  This combined with his teeny waist (2T are way too big in the waist but 18m are high waters) and need for lots of pull down pants for potty training has convinced me that I need to be sewing more for him.

First is a pair of Ottobre pants that we’ve dubbed his Lego Pants–um, because the 7 (?!) patch pockets make for fun storage.  See how much fun Guy and Zoo Guy are having?

Then an Ottobre shirt with double sleeves.  I’ve discovered that I can justify taking the kids to Denver Fabrics with me if I let Noah pick out fabric from the $2/lb table.  I love that table.  Shoot, for less than $6, I got enough fabric to make something like 8 garments for the kids.  And their clothes take up so little yardage that I always feel weird about buying yards of fabric for them.  So weird remnants are my new found love.  I think Noah enjoyed himself picking out fabric too which I’m grateful for.  At a 45 minute trip for us, I’d hate to have to leave the store because there was a meltdown.

I freehanded a little dog I copied from one of Noah’s books.  My embroidery is rather rudimentary–I’m better at appliques, but I enjoyed adding the extra touch.  Noah fell in love with the squirrel applique in that Ottobre, so he was slightly disappointed that there was a dog where he wanted a squirrel…I did not love the idea of baseballs and squirrels.  I probably should have listened to him.

We went to the zoo with Noah’s best buddy and his Mom a couple of weeks ago, and being in need of a hat, I sewed this one up quickly.  It is the Let’s Go Fishin’ Hat from Sewing for Boys.  I had checked out the book at the library to see if I wanted to buy it.  I have to say it’s a really nice book, but if you have any given issue of Ottobre or a Japanese sewing book for kids (like this one–my favorite!), there’s probably not much new for you in this book.  Don’t let me turn you away from this book though because it’s lovely the drafting is really good, and the instructions are clear and easy for beginners.  I was taken by the sweetness of this hat.  The fact that it took me 15 minutes to construct  and given how much Noah loves it, it’s a winner of a pattern.

The hat review is here.

The shirt review is here.

And the pants review is here.


  1. I LOVE this pants pattern. I made the multipocket one first for Logan like 2 years ago, and I’ve used that basic pant pattern and pockets here and there from all of the styles in 3 different sizes. I’ve lost count how many I’ve made. I love how mix and match they are.

    That hat is super adorable. The frayed edge is a cute touch.

  2. Cute clothes! I really like the dog 🙂 My 20 month old is just discovering pockets, so I think his toys will soon be along for the ride.

  3. Sigh… seeing this… I really need to do more sewing for my boys! I love the pants… I might even have that issue! I’m gonna have to look now. Thanks so much for sharing all of the great projects. You’ve inspired me!

  4. Linda (mock ups) Reply

    Oh my gosh, those are so cute! That is so nice that Noah is taking an active interest. He’s got to love all those pockets!

  5. GAH…you changed your header…just noticing…:) He is just sooooo cute!!! I can’t believe how big he is getting!! I have the same fitting issues with mine, but he is 2t waist with 4t length…yep, he’s going to be a TALL one!! I will have to start making pants for him….SOON!!! LOVE all of the little pockets!! Great job momma! 🙂

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