Fixing the sewing room leak is still a work in progress, but I’m still eeking out progress in my 1/3  of the room that is not taken over by the mess.

lace tee and linen shorts

My linen shorts that I made last year fell to pieces (it’s always sad to learn that $5/yd linen is not a bargain), so I remade them in this pretty linen/rayon blend.  Denver Fabrics had it listed as 65% linen on the tube, and the higher linen content definitely shines through–it had lovely weight and crispness to it, but the rayon softens it just enough to be drapeable, and helps with the wrinkling issue.  To recap, this is  Burdastyle 3-2011-131.  In my original shorts, I swapped out the pocket, but this time I went with the as-drafted side inseam pockets.  They definitely poof open a little, but such is the nature of inseam pockets I suppose (which is why I avoided them in the first pair).  I did some hand stitching to keep the pockets from rolling outwards though, and they do sit nicely now, even if there’s that hair of poof.  I might opt for an angled pocket for the next pair.

lace tee and linen shorts

The coup for me in these shorts was the welt pocket I added on the back.  I copied the placement from another Burda pattern and used Peggy Sagers’ method that she shows in this video from It’s Sew Easy (welt demo starts at 6:52).  I’ve made many a welt, and two near perfect zippered welts, but there’s always something a little off on my regular welt pockets.  I have to say, this was the simplest and best welt I’ve made.  If you have nothing to put a welt on at the moment, do yourself a solid and practice on some scraps with this method because  it really does make for great results.

lace tee and linen shorts

The other two pieces are Jalie’s newest patterns, but I’ll write more about those when I have time.  There’s some fit issues going on with the lace tee (user error) that I am hoping to fix.

I will also update my review on the shorts when I get a chance.  I had it all ready to go but then my Mom erased it accidentally while she was babysitting (dear PR, can we save edited reviews before they go live?).

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  1. Impressive welt pocket. For the inseam pocket have you tried sewing some cotton twill tape to the pocket edge seam, pulling it slightly whilst sewing which then makes the pocket edge cup the body and not gape, hope that makes sense!

    • No, I haven’t tried that.  That makes sense–I’ll have to remember that the next time I do that sort of pocket.  Thanks!


  2. Your outfit looks great – love the welt pocket and the link to the video resource. I’m anxious to read/see your review of the new Jalie patterns as I’ve bought the two of them. Won’t be sewing them up until the school year finishes (I’m a teacher – in Alberta and we go to June 28!)

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