Knockout Zipper Bags

Love sewing bags but you see the word “zipper” and you’d rather rip out seams in denim?

I get it.  You know that sewing zippers is a big key to you getting somewhere with your sewing hobby but they’re such a pain.  If you’ve ever taken 3 hours to add in a zipper in a “30 minute” pattern, you know what I’m talking about.

What if you could practice sewing your zippers in 3 low-stress,  bright beautiful bags that you can actually make up in 30 minutes or less?  


Wouldn't it be cool if you had a way to practice sewing zippers that would boost your zipper sewing confidence and help you make a cute collection of practical, bright beautiful zipper bags?

ease your way into zipper sewing

I’ve ripped out a lot of zippers in my day.  It can be frustrating to work so hard sewing up a project to have it ruined by a wonky zipper.

Sewing a zipper in a garment can be a high-risk proposition.  Mess it up, and you can feel like a failure.  But when you sew simple bags, you have the freedom to practice working with zips without having to worry about the failure.  Shoot, if a zipper bag is a little off-kilter, it’s still gonna hold your favorite Prismacolors.

Knockout Zipper Bags

Video course with 37 page Digital E-guide with full color pictures, step by step directions and patterns to walk you through how to make 3 unique DIY zipper bags in fun fabrics you’ll love working with

Created by a real-life sewist who’s dedicated to giving you the information you need to shortcut your sewing learning and make you a confident stitcher who’s not afraid to improv a little.



Knockout Zipper Bags is part basics of sewing zipper bags, part how to make your bags jazzy with fun fabrics, and all encouragement.

All you have to gain is zipper sewing confidence and sweet DIY bags you’ll be proud to tell your bestie you made yourself.  

After working through the Knockout Zipper Bags Eguide + video course, you'll

Have 3 beautiful bag projects you can stitch up from just a little fabric in 30 minutes or less

Want to make a collection of these happy bags for gifts for everyone in your life

Notice that your zippers are going to start looking better and better

Understand how simple interfacings can make your bags look professional

Know how to add some unique finishing touches that'll make your bags sing

Peek inside the class...

Game Night Mesh Bags

So you know how you’re always losing your favorite lip balm at the bottom of your bag?  This technicolor organizational bags’ll help hold all your loose bits and find them lickety split.  Use them to hold board game pieces, snacks, keys and more.

What you'll learn

Soft Stripes Wristlet

Finally tell your family, “Nope” when they ask you to carry their stuff with a tiny little bag that’s just for you.

What you'll learn

Pretty Up Makeup Bag

You’re digging through your makeup bag for your favorite eyeshadow brush only to dump the whole thing out into the wet sink.  Gross.  You’ll wish you had this wipeable Pretty Up Makeup Bag with built in brush storage.

What you'll learn

Bonus: Color Curves Clutch pattern and video class

(value $19)

Ever wanted to get your feet wet sewing leather but your were afraid of ending up on the wrong side of a fabric battle?  The Color Curves Clutch will help you get your feet wet sewing leather in showstopper of a bag that’s actually simple to sew.

What's inside


What makes Knockout Bags different?

3 unusual fabrics: Ever seen different fabric choices on the back of a pattern and thought, what is that fabric with the funky name? Knockout Zipper Bags shows you how to tackle zippers in not so common fabrics to build your confidence and skills.

There's tons of classes and patterns out there that'll help you sew projects, but at the end can you always explain what you learned? Knockout Zipper Bags is full of my You-can-do-it, I'm-not-gonna-let-you-fail instruction and clear sewing goals so you know exactly what you're shooting for and how to get there

To make sure you're successful, my email will always be open to you for this class. I love helping people troubleshoot their sewing questions!

Meet your teacher

Hi! I’m Elizabeth, and probably like you I love to sew! My work has been published in Seamwork, Altered Couture, and I’ve been a featured teacher at Rebecca Page’s Sewing Summit and Jennifer Maker’s Holiday Maker Fest.  I hang my hat at where it’s my mission to help you sew something creative.  And creative is just the game we’re playing here.

Knockout Zipper Bags is all about helping you make bright beautiful DIY bags all while you’re learning how to deal with zippers in a variety of fun fabrics you’ll love working with.  

I’m a Mom to 4, part time violin teacher and wife to one awesome guy. We live in Colorado in view of the majestic Rockies. We love geeky strategic board games and all things baseball.

What smart sewists are asking...

How do I access the course?

Upon purchase you’ll get an email from Thinkific, the place where my courses are hosted.  Inside that email, you’ll get your login details.  Click on the link, type in your login info, and you’re all set.  Inside the course, you’ll see each project laid out for you along with video lessons, your Eguide to follow along with and all the helpful info you’ll need to get through the class.

How long will I have access to this class?

You’ll have lifetime access to this content.  Whether you’re a slow sewist or you love to binge sew, you’re free to work through this class at your own pace.  Watch out for emails from me letting you know about any course updates.

What format is this class?

Knockout Bags is a video-based class paired up with a PDF Eguide filled with the patterns, supply lists, and everything else you need to help you make the bright beautiful bags you’ll see here.  

I'm strapped for time. How long will it take me to make these projects?

We all sew at our own speed, but each of these bags has been designed to take you about 30 minutes or less for the Game Night Mesh Bags, Soft Stripes Wristlet and the Pretty Up Makeup Bag.  The Bonus Color Curves Clutch will take closer to an hour of active time, and you’ll need to wait for paint to dry as well.  If you work on one project a week, you’ll get through this class in about a month.

Do you offer refunds?

I like happy customers, but if you’re unhappy with your purchase of Knockout Zipper Bags we will give you a full refund if you meet both of the following requirements:

-1. You are asking for a refund within 30 days of purchase.

-2. You have not progressed in the class (clicked) past Unit 1.

If you meet both of the above criteria,  please email and we will issue you a full refund.

If you have questions about the course refund policy or need help accessing your class materials, email

Start sewing beautiful zipper bags you’ll be proud to tell your best friend you made.

Invest in your sewing education with Knockout Zipper Bags right now.

Knockout Zipper Bags + bonus Color Curves Clutch: 

a $58 value for just $29

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