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Are you an Ottobre fan?  Do you sew often for your little one?

I’m in the literal middle of some serious reverse applique work on a Jalie drop pocket cardigan.  While there’s bits of embroidery thread all over my house, I’m popping in to write a quick post about what I’ve made the past few weeks from my Ottobre subscription that my husband so thoughtfully got me for Christmas.  Here are my January-February Ottobre makes.

When I had my baby girl last year, I knew that Ottobre would be high on my wish list of pattern subscriptions.  It’s true that Ottobre does better than the vast majority of pattern companies out there in providing cute patterns for boys, but you guys, the baby girl cuteness is absurd.  I may never be as prolific as Katie is in her Ottobre devotion, but I kind of am seeing how quick and fast it can be to make Ottobre items en masse.  Kids clothes take so little fabric, and their pattern pieces are equally small.  A little tracing paper and a half an hour and you can practically be ready to cut out a wardrobe for your little one.

Little dresses: Ottobre 1-2017-5

Ack, I just can’t handle the cute here.  So I made it not once, but three times for my daughter.  I made the matching leggings twice as well.

Blanket baby fleece

Ottobre makes

The polka dot version is cut from a an old fleece blanket.  My art teacher teammate gave me this when I left my music teaching job to have my oldest son nearly 8 years ago.  I always loved the blanket and meant to repurpose it, but it always felt too girly for the boys.  I shoved it in a corner until I gave up all hope of ever having a girl, and then I kept it after that.  If we had never had a girl, I’m sure I would have done something else with it, but I’m secretly glad I could put it to use for my little girl.

Jungle baby

Ottobre makes

I still had scraps leftover from this dress.  Just like the dress I made for SEWN, there’s a couple extra seams from the old dress I refashioned this from.  I used the lining of the dress for the cuffs too.  With little black tights, my girl has been happily army crawling her way to greatness.

Swim baby

Ottobre makes

I still have so much of this nylon swimwear print I used for my Cora leggings.  I probably have enough of it to make a new swimsuit for my daughter for the next 3-4 years.  Though I didn’t make much of a dent, I was glad to use the scant 1/2 yard to make up this ultra stretchy version.  The green accents are a ponte, and the whole outfit goes well with the tiny beret that my MIL crocheted.

Ottobre makes

Valentine’s dress: Ottobre 1-2017-1

Ottobre makes

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I used this fun heart lace to make a little tank dress.  Here’s one time I wished I had gone up a size.  I traced off the 6 month size (I have little babies!), but it was a little snug.  No doubt the extra layer of underlining and the lack of stretch in the lace cut down on the ease.  No matter.  It was great for the day.

If you’re counting, that’s 6 items for my daughter.  I doubt I can keep up with this pace, but it’s been fun to go on a mini mini sewing spree for her.

Rugby shirt repurposed: Ottobre 1-2017-36

Ottobre makes


Ever the sucker for color-blocking, #36 immediately jumped out at me from this issue.  As it turned out, I had a rugby shirt I bought a couple years ago that I knew would be perfect for this pattern.  I shifted the stripe patterns for the colorblocking.  The cuffs and the pocket use the wrong side of the fabric face up.  Then I topstitched them in place.  For me, this one was a good match between creative and still being something that my child actually wants to wear.

Image result for ottobre 1-2017

This knit was awesome to sew with.  It’s an IZOD shirt, and sewing from it was a good reminder of why it is that I recycle fabrics from RTW.  Knits available for the home sewist have gotten a lot better in the past couple years with companies like Art Gallery and Lillestoff and others.  Still, the truth remains that it’s just often easier to find better quality knits from RTW sources that I find at the thrift store.  This especially seems true when it comes to solid and rib knits.  That this practice of mine is cost-effective and a giant time saver is a huge bonus for me.

Box violins!

Ottobre makes

As an explanatory note of the photo:

As I start to teach violin lessons again, my guys are joining my roster of students.  They’re here with their little box violins and dowel bows fitted with erasers.  This will help them get some technical positions worked out before we start work with the real thing.  I did not have a box violin as a child, and I think it would’ve saved me some of the sense of being overwhelmed with information at the beginning.  We’ll see how my guys do with it.  The music teacher in me is about to burst with joy at this picture.  There are no hams whatsoever in this lot!

Planning more Otto

More Ottobre is certainly on the way!  The bomber jacket from the 2-2017 issue caught my eye for me, and I want to make the kids’ version as well.

Image result for ottobre 2-2017

Image result for ottobre 1-2017




Elizabeth is a self-taught sewist with a love for all things DIY and creative. Her friend calls her "The Fabric Manipulator" and she's always looking for ways to squeeze the most out of her sewing time in between caring for her 4 kids and husband.


  1. I love the color blocked shirt for your son. I have 3 grandsons (no grand daughter, boo hoo!), and have made them blankets and bibs, but never clothing. Guess I will have to check out Ottobre. Love your posts, and your boys look so sweet with their box violins. Did you make them?

    • elizabethmadethis Reply

      Thanks Brenda! Ottobre has some fantastic styles for boys. Before my daughter was born, I was so grateful to have some issues on hand. So many other companies have like 85% girl patterns with a couple token boy styles thrown in the mix. Ottobre really seems to make an effort to be about even.

      I did make the box violins! A little Duck tape goes a long way towards teaching the responsibility of taking care of an instrument before getting the real thing. I’m not a Suzuki teacher, but I use some of their ideas. Some ideas, like this one are brilliant. I so wish I had had that experience as a child. I would have been spared some frustration as a beginner!

  2. RunningNStyle Reply

    I love Ottobre, I have tons, but have not sewn in quite some time. Imo they have the cutest kids patterns. I feel that there instructions is the best of magazines, I’ve never had any issues with them. Great designs and they always have beautiful color combinations.

    • elizabethmadethis Reply

      I love them so much! I’ve tried a couple other companies, and the Ottobre just fit my kids better. And as you said, they have such cute styles that are very current and have fun extra details. Like there’s a pair of jeans in the 1-2017 issue with little ruffle trim on the pockets that I’ll use for R when she’s big enough.

    • elizabethmadethis Reply

      Thanks Faye! Cute is what keeps me sewing for them!

  3. Wow! That little rugby shirt is to die for and the outfit with the little green beret stole my heart. Your kids are chic and cozy in their lovely clothes!

    • elizabethmadethis Reply

      Thanks Linda! I love the beret too. My mother-in-law is really talented with her crocheting. It’s adorable on her, though she really likes whipping it off. 😀

  4. I like reading your blog, but the instagram pop up is annoying. Is there anyway to get rid of it?

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