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On my last trip to Denver Fabrics, I had all 3 boys with me, so I had to move quickly, and decisively if I was going to get out without too much fuss.  I needed stretch fabric to muslin pants and they always have multiple yard cuts in the 50% off solid color flat cuts.

I moved through the store in about 15 minutes which is near impossible.  But on the way out, I spied not one, but 2 lengths of cotton knits on the $2/lb table.  There wasn’t enough in either for an actual t-shirt, but plenty for Jalie 3245 in the tank style.

I learned from the raglan version (which I will review one of these days) that I needed a 1/2″ petite adjustment.  Though I compared it to my TNT (Jalie 2921), I found that the armscye sat a little lower on this pattern.  It could have been my fabric choice, but at any rate, it was necessary for a tank.  I rarely wear sleeveless tees because it’s so rare to find one with adequate side coverage.  This adjustment also raises the neckline slightly which is great!  I also shortened it by an inch which brought the length to a better spot on me.

The actual construction is simple.  It’s 4 seams and binding.  I like Jalie’s method of binding, but it takes practice.  They have you sew the binding to the wrong side of the neckline, flip it to the right side, and fold it over the seam as you’re stitching.  It produces excellent, RTW results, but you must be careful to not stretch the neckline as you’re sewing.  Also, you have to watch your needle so that you’re stitching an even distance away from the fold.  I’d like to say that this is a quick and easy sew, but unless you’re proficient at this style of binding, this step is a major time suck.

jalie 3245

When I first saw this pattern, I thought that the curved hem was a fun feature, but after 3 tees, I’m over it.  I will swap out a straight hem the next time I make this pattern.  These tops have been great puttering about the house in the heat, and they’re wonderful for workouts.  Since I workout at home, those clothes get used long past when they probably should, so a couple of fresh tees dedicated for such a task is a welcome change.  Now if only I could find the kind of quality lightweight cotton/poly/spandex that all of my workout bottoms are made from…

My full review is here.
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  1. Great looking tops – I wear sleeveless tops quite a bit. I do like the curved hem, but it certainly is nice to have variety.

  2. Very nice tops! The curved hem is a nice feature, but I can see how it would get old after three. And I feel you on the never ending quest to find RTW style knits.

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