Another one of the patterns that caught my eye from the last issue of Ottobre I bought was 5-2012-3.  I love how simple it is.  It makes dressing in the morning easy as you can throw it on under anything, add a pair of tights or leggings, maybe a necklace and you’re good to go.

knit long tunic

I compared it against my TNT T-shirt and had to adjust the inner shoulder edge for strap coverage.  I like the look of boatnecks, but they rarely cover my straps.  I actually marked on my TNT where my strap hits so I can easily adjust without guesswork.knit long tunic

I picked up this ivory jacquard knit when the Sew Expo was here in February.  To break up the whiteness of it all, I added some rib knit cuffs and opted out of the elastic bottom on the pattern in favor of more rib knit trim.  I lined it with leftover tricot from another project.  It adds opacity and makes it really comfortable to wear.

It’s funny, but after learning to work with knits, I’m finding more and more that I prefer to line them when it’s needed rather than wearing something under them.  Slips and camisoles are always shifting around, but linings are cut for the garment, so they move as one together.  I didn’t realize how irritating unlined garments could be until I started lining my knits.

knit long tunic
tunic under rose sparkle cardigan

I did my best here to be my vintage pattern doppelganger.  60s Elizabeth is all about non-neutral bottoms too.

knit long tunic

I finished my opera ensemble!    The gloves and the dress turned out really really well. It’s all forthcoming.

My full review is here.
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