Making your own custom fabric gets easy

I know what you’re thinking.  Dyeing fabric sounds like it’s going to be a) super hard, b)crazy messy or c) not worth the effort.

Ice dye is none of those things!  It delivers big drama for low effort!  Let me smash all those fears and give you the confidence you need to create beautiful fabric at home with a few supplies and very little setup.   Plus ice.  If the Winter Olympics have taught us anything, most things are better with ice! 

Sign up below for the Ice Dye Mini Course and get to creating pretty fabric now!

Who is this class for?

If you've ever bought boring solid fabric because it was a smokin hot deal, nice quality etc and then forgot about it for years because the sight of it caused you to fall asleep where you stood, ice dyeing is for you!

For my fellow DIY adventurers and creative sewists, this is a technique you can use to make your own fabric or give new life to old clothes.

Meet Elizabeth

ice dye denim jacket

My friends call me The Fabric Manipulator.  As for me, I’ve been dyeing and painting on fabric since I was a kid.

Always in search of the perfect color, experience has taught me how to mix and match dyes to get just what I’m looking for.  

True: in junior high, my art teacher gave me a permanent hall pass to come in early to work on my projects.  Even then I had a serious obsession with mixing colors!

By the end of this Ice Dyeing Mini Course, I want you to know the supplies you need, have a good understanding of the process, and some ideas of what you can sew with your freshly ice dyed fabric. 

Psst–this is an ice dyed jacket I made from old jeans!

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