Okay, I don’t hate football–it’s kind of nice, but watching HOURS on end of it on Sundays with my husband behind like 3 computers checking his Fantasy team and stats (maybe there’s only 1 computer…I’m sure I exaggerate here) makes me a little crazy.  With all of this being said, I’ve decided I love football because it provides me hours of uninterrupted sewing.

We missed church yesterday because we got tons of snow, so today I was able to make a whole garment during football and minus feeding Noah, and myself I was completely undisturbed (my in-laws are in town too so they watched Noah so I was even more free–such a treat!).  This is Simplicity 2603–the DKNY cozy knockoff.  It’s a ridiculously easy pattern, and it’s almost instant gratification because you don’t really need to make any alterations (well, I should say the next one I’ll narrow the shoulders because the cap is off my shoulder).

I went really slow because I used a really fussy lightweight knit (I won’t talk about my cruddy serger work on the inside–does anyone know how to get nice sergerness on really lightweight, really stretchy knits?).  Of course I would do this, but I couldn’t pass this fabric up because it’s robin’s egg blue, it’s a small enough stripe I could get away with it, and it has gold metallic threads running through it.  It does have the perfect drape for this pattern.  Even going as slow as I was, I finished the entire thing from start to finish in the time it took for my pot roast to cook for dinner.  I made view D because I didn’t have enough yardage for the long cozy, but that’s okay.  I’ll make a longer one when I get some more fabric.

Deepika recommended the pattern in one of Pattern Review’s newsletters, so I checked it out.  Reading through the pattern reviews on PR, everyone’s turned out really great, plus there’s this swell video from DKNY on how to wear this thing which got me all giddy excited about sewing it (note how often the girl says”effortless” and “versatility”–it’s funny).  Particularly since my version cost me $7 to make and the DKNY one would set me back $195.  My cheap heart is happy.

What did I learn?

Wooly nylon is your BFF when dealing with knit fabrics:  So what if you have to hand wind the bobbin…after struggling for-ev-er with getting a decent stitch that didn’t pull out or break, I tried a different needle and wooly nylon.  I’m using it on all my knits from now on.  It helps the tension SO much!

My machine is not a fan of ballpoints: Gnomey showed a clear preference for 75/11 stretch needles.  Ballpoint needles are supposed to PREVENT skipped stitches, right?  Gnomey thinks not.

Steam a seam is also your friend:  Hemming knits is such a pain.  With this stuff being as slippery and fussy as it was, I wanted something easy, so I applied Steam a Seam on the edges, folded over, steamed, and folded over again and used a narrow zigzag to topstitch.  The hem is less wavy and it was fast and easy.


  1. I love it. A lot of times, I think that sewing doesn’t really save money, but when you can make a $150 top for $7, it helps to even things out. I really appreciate your blog, especially the “what I learned” sections.

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