humpty dumpty pajamas

fell off the wall upside down.  I really should pay more attention to directional prints.

Humpty Dumpty Pajamas

The boys love their pjs though, and in making them, I’m reminded that Ottobre patterns are lovely to work with.

humpty dumpty pajamas

#1’s is Otto 6-2009-34, 35

#2’s is Otto 6-2009-35 shortened (way faster than grading down the pattern) and 1-2009-22

There was a previous version around Halloween for #1 made from a nice Riley Blake knit and a very homemade tiger applique.

humpty dumpty pajamas

I need to bust open the Ottobre for myself!  When I bought the Humpty Dumpty fabric from Banberry Place when they had their Black Friday sale, I added on this issue.

humpty dumpty pajamas

I love this cardigan from this issue, but it’s probably completely inappropriate for my height:

humpty dumpty pajamas

Tee #11 is also for sure on my list.:

humpty dumpty pajamas

At the moment I’ve just finished a nursing wrap for a friend and have a new pair of jeans on my table.  I’m going to be out of town this weekend, and I haven’t started working on them as my mind has been out of town all week.  It’ll be something nice to come home to in addition to all my boys.

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  1. Cute PJs! Humpty Dumpty is facing the correct way when the boys look down at him! 🙂
    I don’t have this issue of Ottobre Woman! That knit top with the bust gathers is super cute…

  2. Love the Humpty Dumpty pajamas! Your kids are so adorable. I think you should make the cardigan regardless of your height. It is very cute and classy!

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