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How to sew a scrunchie 3 ways

How to make a scarf scrunchie

scarf scrunchie

For our third DIY scrunchie version, we’re adding a scarf to the basic scrunchie. It’s an easy way to get the scarf ponytail look without having to mess with tying and retying the scarf all day long.

For this, you’ll need a vintage rectangular scarf.

From one end of the scarf, cut off 9.5″. If your scarf has a pattern on the corners, it’s better to cut the 9.5″ section from the middle.

After that, fold the edges together widthwise and cut again along the fold.

Place 2 of the short ends of the section right sides together. Sew them together with a 1/4″ seam. Press the seam.

sew ends together to make a scarf scrunchie
sew down one short side

Once you’ve done that, keep following the basic directions for how to sew a scrunchie.

How to make the scarf ties

If you cut the scrunchie section from the middle, bring two short edges wrong sides together. Sew the short edge with a 1/4″ seam. Trim down the seam to about 1/8″, then press the seam one direction. Fold the fabric now wrong sides together and sew down the same seam with a 1/4″ seam.

Press your pretty French seam you just made!

If you cut the scrunchie section from the end, finish the cut edge the same way that the rest of the scarf is finished. For mine, I used a serger rolled hem, though scarves often use a narrow hem.

serger rolled hem on scarf

When you’re finished making the scarf tie, tie it around your scrunchie in the middle. Sew a couple of stitches to secure it into place. Enjoy not having to tie the scarf every. single. time!

Video version of the tutorial

Quick fine hair hack for scrunchie wearing

Even though it’s curly, my hair is very fine and literally everything falls out of it, and the bigger it is, the faster it falls out.

So for wearing scrunchies without it falling out in 3 seconds, first make a secure ponytail with a clear elastic. After that your scrunchie can go around the ponytail.

So there’s 3 different ways to make a scrunchie. Make up a few for yourself, for your daughter. You could also make up a bunch of these DIY scrunchies with a group of friends for a low-stress sewing hangout. In addition to making fun last minute stocking stuffers, they’d be great to add to Operation Christmas Child boxes for any charity sewing that you do!

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