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How to sew a scrunchie 3 ways

DIY scrunchie variations

How to make a bow scrunchie

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A bow is a nice easy way to dress up a basic DIY scrunchie. First, follow the basic instructions for how to sew a scrunchie. After that, let’s make the bow.

Cut the bow for your scrunchie

For this variation, cut two pieces of your chosen fabric 3″x14″ in addition to the scrunchie piece.

Fold the pieces in half by bringing the short ends together.

cutting bow for a scrunchie

Cut a bow shape by cutting from the folded ends towards the middle of the short end on both sides. Make the point of the bow 1/4″ wide, and make sure the folds end in a smooth straight edge, not a point.

Unfold the pieces and match them right sides together.

Sew around the bow piece with a 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving about a 1″ hole for turning.

Use the tube turner to turn the bow right side out. Tease out the bow ends with your fingers or the end of your dowel. Press the bow well, keeping the hole edges turned towards the inside so that the raw edges are inside the bow.

Using your hand needle, close up the hole with the same tiny stitches moving from one side to the other. Tie a knot and bury it inside the stitching and cut it off to finish.

To make this into a proper bow, tie it onto your scrunchie. Add a few hand stitches if you’re worried about the bow falling off.

If you’re using a bulkier fabric like corduroy, you can instead pleat the bow center with your fingers. Sew the pleats into place with a few hand stitches, then sew the bow into place on top of the scrunchie, through all the layers.

On to the 3rd way to make a scrunchie. Pull out a silky scarf and read on…

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