In a 2 second post, I will mention that my Singer 201 does an excellent job with Gutermann topstitching thread…a thread far too thick for my Janome apparently.   Jeans will look better now.  That is all.

gutermann topstitching thread
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  1. I’ve found with the Gütermann topstitching thread I really have to go up sizes in needles. Use at least 100 and sometimes 110.

  2. Yep Ivygirl, I too use Gutermann with a big 100 or 110 needle. Just hemmed maternity jeans with it and it looks great. Highly recommended! Although then again, I really can’t find a single other branded embroidery thread here in Belgium than Gutermann, and even then it would be hard to buy a household quantity of an unbranded embroidery thread… LOL so have nothing else to compare it with, but it works well, KWIM?

  3. I have used a larger needle, but something about the way Gutermann is twisted together–it just shreds on my Janome no matter how big the needle. Nonetheless, I’m excited that the Singer likes it because the Gutermann comes in a lot more colors than Coats and Clark’s heavy duty thread.

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