Yesterday was our anniversary!  What a wonderful year it has been.

To celebrate, I made a small 5″ replica of our wedding cake.  I made the original as well (I didn’t feel like paying $1000 for a cake made from a box mix and bucket icing no matter how beautiful it looked–I really like to EAT cake, not just look at it–and certainly not for that much money).  It is coconut chiffon with raspberry filling and ganache.  The outside pattern is a chocolate transfer sheet–much simpler to make then it appears.  The sheet itself has a cocoa butter design on a piece of heavy plastic.  You melt pure chocolate (ganache does NOT work for some odd reason)–either white or dark depending on the color of the design, and then you pour it over the design and spread it gently in a smooth, thin layer.  Then you put that on the side of the cake, and once the chocolate has hardened, you peel off the plastic and you’re left with this beautiful design on the side of your cake.  I love this cake.


We also went out to a lovely restaurant in Denver that we spent our first V-day together at.  It was a lovely day.


  1. Congratulations! The cake looks delish, and what a great idea. Certainly more appealing to eat a fresh cake than one that was left over from the wedding and frozen for a year.

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