We’re ramping up towards the Holiday season, and here are some gifts for sewing lovers under $15.

These are all things you could gift to your sewing bestie or maybe things that you might want to ask for. There’s all kinds of really fun gifts for seamstresses and sewing enthusiasts out there, and I’m slowly putting together some gift guides for sewists at different price points.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas as you go to shop for all your sewing and quilting friends!

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Gifts for sewing lovers under $15

gifts for sewing lovers collage with Simplicity vintage travel sewing kit, donut pincushion, enamel sewing machine brooch, and floral embroidery kit
  1. McCall’s Vintage Pattern Notecards ($14.95): Send a thank you note or a hello to a sewing friend who will love McCall’s vintage pattern illustrations. Or hang one on your wall for inexpensive sewing room decor!
  2. Clover Wonder Clips ($13.99): Everyone I’ve ever known who has used these loves them! Use them in place of pins. They’re great for slippy fabrics like when you’re sewing laminate fabrics or holding on binding around curves.
  3. Measuring tape coin purse ($14.90): It’s made from measuring tapes!!! How cool is that?! I love the idea of this, plus I would guess that the tapes make the pouch water-resistant.
  4. Hot Sox Sewing supplies socks ($10.77): One of my violin students is all over novelty socks, and I gotta say, I think it’s a fun trend. Yes, you can wear plain socks all.the.time., or you can find something fun to wear under your boots.

5. Sew It Blue Q Airmail Zip Pouch ($7.99): I love this cute vintage sewing machine photo on this zip pouch. What I really want to know is what that machine is and where I can find it, LOL. It’s an even nicer aqua than my vintage Dressmaker machine.

6. Sewing Kit Cookie Cutters ($14.20) : These are so fun! Does your family have a holiday cookie making tradition? That’s one of those family things we’ve always done, and it would be super fun to bring your love of sewing into that!

7. Magnetic sheep pin holder ($14.99): Magnetic pincushions are cool. I mean you can hold them over areas where you dropped them and they magically come. But most of the magnet pincushions I’ve ever seen are functional without the fun. But a pincusion where the pins become the sheep’s coat? That is cool! It’s like a pin Chia Pet!

8. CafePress Sewing Mug ($10.49): I’m always a sucker for pen and ink drawings, and these vintage sewing notions and tools look great on this mug! A sewing room with tea or coffee is a happier place!

9. Simplicity Vintage Fashion 60’s travel sewing kit Tin ($9.95): Vintage pattern art is so cool! I love the fun saying on the tin, and you can prop it up on a shelf for some unique sewing room decor.

10. Donut pincushion by Cushion ($13.84): The pins look like extra sprinkles on top of your donut! These are clearly fun, but they remind me a little bit of the plastic fruit displays my Gram had when I was a kid. I definitely was fooled by that once. Turns out plastic grapes aren’t good, so proceed with caution with a pin-filled donut, LOL!

11. Sewing Machine Enamel and Rhinestone Brooch ($14.99): There’s several different colors of this brooch. Any of them would be so fun to pin on a sweater or a jacket to show your sewing pride, but also be cute! I guess technically this one is on the next tier up with the $1.99 shipping.

12. Pink Cosmos floral embroidery kit ($9.99): It’s so nice when you can add something handmade to your sewing room decor. This kit comes with the design stamped onto the fabric + all the embroidery threads, hoop, and needle you need. The texture of the flowers is so joyful, and it looks like it’s an easy embroidery project that you can finish up quickly.

So, those are some ideas for gifts for sewing lovers under $15. Which one would you love to give to someone?

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Elizabeth is a self-taught sewist with a love for all things DIY and creative. Her friend calls her "The Fabric Manipulator" and she's always looking for ways to squeeze the most out of her sewing time in between caring for her 4 kids and husband.

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