Fun gifts for sewers and quilters $30 and under with sewing wallet, jeans zippers, thread assortment and seam ripper graphic hoodie

Fun gifts for sewers and quilters your sewing friends will love

Here are some fun gifts for sewers and quilters, and they’re all $30 and under.

Whether it’s for you or for your sewing friends, here’s some ideas to help you brainstorm your gift list for the Holiday season.

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Gifts for sewers and quilters: Sewing room decor, something to wear + a really really cool tool

Fun gifts for sewers and quilters $30 and under with pictures of sewing room art, sewing t-shirt, rotary circle cutter, and sewing themed clock

1. Sewing Patent prints ($16.99): I’m always looking for different sewing room decor, and this collection of patent prints fits the bill. These big 8″x10″ unframed prints would look great as a grouping in your sewing room. I liked this collection particularly since there’s 4 prints, and not just individual ones. And I haven’t seen a patent print for a dress form or thimble before! Pretty cool!

2. Right Sides Together t-shirt ($24.99): I never know what to think about graphic tees. There’s so many out there that I’m not sure what people are trying to say when they put them on their body. That being said, this one is really cute with the floral wreath and needle. It’s definitely a tee that would be fun to mix into your handmade wardrobe but still show off your love for sewing.

3. Olfa rotary circle cutter ($17.99): I have no words for how much I love this tool. It cuts circles from fabric from 1.5″ to 8.75″. It’s incredibly well-designed and it’ll cut through a few layers of fabric at a time. I’ve used mine to make cutting yoyos like for this yoyo wristlet easier. You can also use them for making fabric flowers or circle appliques. I could even see it as a tool to make a tiny circle skirt for dolls.

At first glance, it seems like a unitasker kind of tool, but what it does, it does incredibly well and with a lot of precision. Just make sure to change the blades when the circles aren’t cutting as well.

4. Vintage record sewing clock ($26.99): Like I was saying, I love keeping an eye out for cool things to put on the wall in the sewing room. This clock is made from an old record of all things, which in and of itself has a big neat factor. If you’re like me and tend to lose track of time in the sewing room, this might be for you!

Gifts for sewers and quilters: cool sewing tools

Fun gifts for sewers and quilters $30 and under with quilt ruler grips, free motion mat, mini iron and wool pressing mat

5. Gypsy Quilter Original Gypsy Gripper ($19.56): Quilting rulers can be clunky, slippy things. When you’re wielding a big ruler and a sharp rotary cutter, you need to have nice precise cuts. This is a cool suction handle that you can add to your quilting rulers to keep the ruler from slipping on you as you’re cutting.

6. Free motion slider mat ($23.60): I saw this and thought this was a really clever idea. The mat is made from a silicone material. You center the hole right over the hole under your presser foot. After lowering your feed dogs and popping on your free motion foot, the mat serves to help you move your quilt under the needle smoothly. I’m not a quilter, but I could see this being really helpful since quilts can create a lot of drag a lot as you’re quilting.

7. Clover Mini Iron (19.99): The mini iron! It’s so darn cute, but that tiny iron head (and Clover makes other attachment heads for different purposes) can really get into tight corners that might be more challenging with a standard iron. If you do a lot of applique work or make a lot of quilt blocks, this could be really useful.

8. Wool small pressing mat ($26.95): I don’t love small ironing boards–you know those ones that have the little stand that look just like big ironing boards but they’re dorm-sized. They feel really unstable, and I’m always terrified of knocking mine off my table.

But there’s times when you want or need a smaller, more portable ironing board. This 1/2″ chunk of wool would be great for this. Because it sits flat, you won’t have to worry about knocking it over, and the wool will hold in heat and steam so that it actually presses your seams well. And you can pop it in a tote bag and take it anywhere you go to sew.

Sewing supplies + more fun gifts

Fun gifts for sewers and quilters $30 and under with sewing wallet, jeans zippers, thread assortment and seam ripper graphic hoodie

9. Faux leather sewing themed wallet (25.99): I’ll out myself as not a purse girl! If I can get away with not having to carry a full-on purse, I’m there! This one is super cute. I don’t think it’s big enough to put your phone in, but other than that, it’ll carry just about everything you need.

10. Assorted 9″ denim zippers from Zipperstop ($16.99): It’s not always easy to find denim zippers in colors other than white and black, so I love this assortment from Zipperstop. There’s 12 different colors for these 9″ zips, and you can use them for jeans, of course.

Metal zippers also make really professional looking bags. Try a 7 minute DIY zipper bag with one of these!

11. Gutermann thread 26 color assortment ($24.64): My husband bought me this for my birthday, and it’s been a great sewing supply to have! I usually buy my thread on sale at JoAnn or Wawak and buy random colors that I like. That’s all great until you sew stuff in more standard colors. This little set has saved me more times than I can count when I go to sew for my boys and my daughter.

Bonus–the thread comes in this sturdy plastic box with spindles that hold each spool. It’s really a nicely made storage box that’s worth keeping around when the thread runs out!

12. No Regrets Seam Ripper Hoodie ($30): I love being comfy when I sew! With Fall finally creeping into Colorado, I start stealing my husband’s hoodies when I’m working in my sewing room.

I think this graphic is really fun and definitely looks promising for the whole hoodie experience.

Reasons why hoodies are awesome when you sew:

  1. they can hold a phone for podcast listening
  2. they come off fast when I’m fitting a garment
  3. of course, they keep you warm and comfy while you work!

So those are my ideas for some fun gifts for sewers and quilters $30 and under.

What other gifts for sewers and quilters do you have on your list?

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