Fulton blazer + leather bag

My lovely friend Viv of Stitches and Seams is joining in The Day and Night Dress Challenge fun today. She’s dressing up her Love Notions Sonata dress with with her spin on the Alina Sewing +Design Co Fulton Blazer. She even cut up her husband’s old leather jacket to make a bag for her night look!

Day look: Fulton blazer + Sonata dress

I’m a casual dresser, and not really a trend person. The garments that I make need to have longevity in terms of style and fabric. I want to be able to wear everything I make for quite some time. Showing off classic lines and feeling put together with intention is how I want to present myself to the world.

I’ve made the Fulton blazer before in white. It’s such a great piece to toss on and go to the grocery store or church, and it fits a big hole in my wardrobe for a topper that can be used with lots of outfits.

Night look: Leather coat refashion into a bag

For my night look, I had an idea in my head of what I wanted to do, but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. Instead, I went with a simpler idea (Elizabeth here: sewing leather is totally not a casual-on-a-Tuesday activity!).

My husband had an old leather jacket that he hasn’t worn. I got the idea to cut it up and make a simple foldover clutch. There’s an edgy metal zip which is a great accent for the leather. It’s big enough to hold my lippie and cell phone, then I can throw on some heels and a chiffon wrap to tie the whole look together.

This year’s challenge was a great chance to look at my closet a little bit differently! Be sure to check out how you can be a part of this challenge.


  1. Find your lonely dress in your closet! Sew up 2 extra pieces to coordinate with your dress for a day look and a night look.
  2. Let other people know about it.  Use #dayandnightdresschallenge on Twitter and Instagram and follow the Day and Night Dress Challenge Facebook group.
  3. Keep reading here to find out the latest.  Follow Elizabeth Made This on Instagram andFacebook.
  4. Post a picture of your newly styled dress and extra pieces in your day look and your night look to Instagram to enter yourself.  Don’t forget to tag me @elizabethmadethis and use the #dayandnightdresschallenge.
  5. Grab the graphic below and post it on your site and/or repost on Instagram:     

Elizabeth is a self-taught sewist with a love for all things DIY and creative. Her friend calls her "The Fabric Manipulator" and she's always looking for ways to squeeze the most out of her sewing time in between caring for her 4 kids and husband.

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