I’ve been enchanted with this Burdastyle 2-2011-101 since I saw it in February.

 I love the cap sleeve, and the retro styling and it just looked cool.

I’ve been wanting to make a sundress, and as I went shopping in my stash, I came up with a nice piece of voile that I bought last year from fabric.com and meant for another project that got nixed in the muslin stage.  The pattern calls for organza (cotton perhaps from the picture?), but that sounded far too warm for the 95+ temperatures we’ve been dealing with here lately.

To beef up the voile and keep down the wrinkling, I fused the bodice with Pro Sheer Elegance from Fashion Sewing Supply (lovely stuff if you haven’t tried it).  I cut out the interfacing at the waist darts which I lengthened and widened for my full bust.

Sandra Betzina was here for the sewing expo a couple of weeks ago.  I couldn’t muster up the nerve to ask her for a picture for the blog because I was so in awe of her as she poured out her knowledge and expertise non-stop for a solid 3 hours.  As she looked at my muslins, she mentioned doing a broad back adjustment for me.  Who knew?  The good news is that with that little bit extra, I don’t have to add as much across my bust!  And it does take out the teeny bit of wrinkling that I have never really noticed around the bottom of the armscye in back.  Still and all, by the time I added for the broad back and my full bust, I probably added more than I usually would have.  But again, a little extra ease helps with the heat.

As for the skirt, I was less enchanted with Burda’s suggestion of using two big rectangles and gathering them to fit at the waist.  To eliminate all that bulky, shapeless mess, I instead pulled out the skirt piece for Vogue 1027.  It hangs on the bias, and I had already fit it–well sort of…  Because the bodice is much closer to the bust in the Vogue dress and because it’s a knit pattern, I had to add at the side seams so that it fit the bodice.  I kind of guessed at 5/8″, but 7/8″ ended up being about right (I also folded out some of the flare in the skirt and added a CB seam because I despise side zippers).  I like this skirt much better–it still has a nice flow because it’s on the bias, but it lacks the bulk of the original pattern.

I wore it all day on Saturday and it kept me quite cool.  We took the boys up to Tiny Town , which is a huge collection of big doll houses–some furnished, some not.  There’s also a mini working steam engine.  Noah and Nathan rode it while Sam and I took pictures.  Sam did NOT like the train whistle, but we still had a good time.  Noah and I are here (of course) by the Opera House.

As a note, I would not recommend this dress for nursing–it’s possible, but not horribly practical.  My full review is here at Patternreview.

What is everyone sewing to stay cool?


  1. Love your version! It’s such a fantastic pattern! Tiny Town looks like so much fun!!

  2. Katharine in Brussels Reply

    Pretty dress, and so nice to wear something with a definied waist this early postpartum. It looks like you defininetly stayed cool in voile with an airy skirt.
    Here the challenge is not to get too cold, I’ve been wearing linen maternity trousers under the same Burda Style faux wrap maternity dress to keep warm(!) since my coat won’t button.

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