The boys have needed new pjs.  #1 because all of his pjs are comically highwaters and #2 because he’s finally big (ish) enough to wear some proper looking pajamas.

My friend Linda gave me this fish fabric with stars a while back and it was perfect for my animal loving boy with the bright blue eyes.

fish pajamas

There’s a lot of firefighter that gets played around this house.  It’s not unusual at all for breakfasts to be finished and for me to be cleaning up when I see two little heads in the backyard in their fire helmets putting out imaginary fires.  So this flannel with hydrants and dogs also seemed about right.  fish pajamas

For all that I really hate sewing for other people, I do enjoy it when it’s for them.  I talked about this with a friend who is an artist.  She’s concluded that she likes selling her paintings after the fact and that feels okay, but she will not commission work anymore.  What she found was that in having someone else dictate the creative process for her took all of the joy out of it on her end.  I resonate with that.  When my sewing time is limited and when it’s my one time of the day that doesn’t involve caring for other people, putting that extra pressure of someone else’s time and expectations is just too much.  I sew for joy.  Why do you sew?

Elizabeth Made This

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  1. Great post in the sense you made me realize something. I like to sew quilts that I know are given to people in the community (fires, etc). I know the people appreciate them even if they aren’t perfect. I do some sewing for the house, etc but I am usually pretty critical of items I can see daily.

  2. Your post is perfect timing for me. I sew quite a bit and I love it for stress relief. I sew what I want and enjoy creating. This week my mom asked me to do some things for her – she is super picky and listed everything to the detail – this took all my “fun” out of it. Needless to say I haven’t started on any of her projects yet.

    I can understand your artist friend’s comment 😀

  3. Great looking PJ’s for the boys. I sew purely for my own enjoyment and know it will fit and in the colour/style I like.

  4. These are super cute jammies in fun fabric. They should be cozy moving into fall now.

    I definitely sew for the joy of it. But now that my kids are older, I find that I do enjoy their specific requests for clothing. Kids’ requests are different, plus they greatly appreciate what I make them.

  5. My 2 year old is completely non-judgemental about my sewing. I know I can try out new techniques and she won’t care if the result is not quite perfect. Also being little, kids’ clothing is quick to make. Instant gratification!!

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