feather embroidered necklace

My latest post at UpCraftClub is all about this feather embroidered necklace.  It’s an extension of the project used for Imagine Gnats’ Embroidery Video Class.  To me, it’s the perfect fall accessory, and I jumped at the chance to make another piece of embroidered jewelry.  I have a lot of tension issues in my upper back due to all my years of violin.  Any kind of weight that I wear becomes a burden to my posture and can start a flare up for me.  The lightweight nature of a necklace like this one is perfect for me; big chunky necklaces–not so much.

On my post, I write about how to make your own too.

Feather Embroidered Necklace

feather embroidered necklace


feather embroidered necklace

Please come fall and go away nasty heat wave so that I can actually wear this necklace!

While I’m on the topic of UpCraftClub, I missed, putting up a link to my previous post about the Limon Dress.

I made my version out of this beautiful linen print for my niece’s birthday last month.  The pintucks and the little ruffle worked up magically with the crispness of the linen and overall, it turned out to be a really fun project.  I added a bias bound neckline to the pattern to avoid having to understitch the lining.  I never pass up an opportunity to topstitch, and the bias on the inside makes for a really nice clean inside finish and will give some strength to the neckline.  I always wonder about the general strength of lining fabrics, and on a children’s garment, I would definitely worry about the lining just ripping out on the neckline edge.  Do you ever cover your bases like that by adding extra details that aren’t 100% necessary just because you distrust certain fabrics?

At any rate, my pattern review of the Limon Dress is here.

Hopefully, I’ll get back to some of my own work soon.  I have a Victory Patterns’ Lola Dress all cut out.  I’ve been avoiding it because I cut it out in French terry which is oh so unappealing when it’s still 80 degrees outside.

I’m also trying to get a plan together for this pregnancy, and evaluate just what I need.  I don’t want to be sewing a ton because whatever I make will yield a very temporary wardrobe.  I’m thinking of just altering too big for me thrifted items, but that might not pan out…I dearly hate the fitting distortions that happen in the neck and shoulders when you go up multiple sizes.  It might be more trouble than it’s worth.

What do you make when you need a very temporary wardrobe?

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