Your first favorite sewing project--Elizabeth Made This

What was your first favorite sewing project?

Was it a dress?

Was it a special quilt?

What’s the first thing that you made that you were really excited about?

Maybe it wasn’t 100% perfect, but one way or another, something about that project just worked out really well.

Today, while my sewing room is in an uproar, filled with way more UFOs than I’m used to dealing with at the 5-10% range of completion, and when I’m in a #throwbackthursday kind of mindset, I thought I’d take a bit of time to reflect on these questions.

I have 2 answers.

favorite sewing project

#1 My teal wool coat from 2011.

I was excited about it because, I made a coat!  And it was a fancy pants wool melton that I had bought off of Patternreview from another woman’s stash for seriously a criminal price for the quality of the fabric.  If you’ve made coats and jackets, you know that you pay for the whole project about 4 times between interfacing, lining, fashion fabric, and interlining, so getting wool at such a great deal was great.  I think when it came in the mail, my jaw actually dropped.  And I added cover buttons and I lined it with some super fun fabric.

Elizabeth Made This favorite sewing project   favorite sewing project#2 My second first favorite sewing project was this St. Patrick’s Day dress from 2012.

The particulars of Burdastyle 6-2010-109 were a little weird, but the asymmetrical belt that I added and the very busy print made covered over the odd bits.  Besides, I really liked the overall shape on me.  I think I had tried a lot of more A-line skirts before.  In a lightbulb sort of moment, I realized that a straighter skirt fits my shape a lot better than an A-line.  It was kind of similar to the point that I realized that I preferred skinny jeans over bootcut.  Less fabric flapping around me = more comfort and better proportions somehow.  Too, this might have been the first dress that may not have been my perfect colors, but it was close and absolutely within my color contrast range. So what’s your first favorite sewing project?

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  1. I have a favorite simplicity skirt that still gets a lot of wear, it’s an A-line with a yoke. A second would be a fitted jacket because it was a lot of work and came out well.

    • elizabethmadethis Reply

      Jackets always are favorites as you said because of the amount of work that goes into them. Yours is a really cool shape!

  2. 2 that were made in 2011 and I still wear, even though they are flawed to the max! A freebie dress pattern from Burdastyle that really suits my body shape and a retro Vogue short swing jacket. Neither are made in very good fabric, but the colours and styles always make me feel good 🙂

    • elizabethmadethis Reply

      That’s what I’m talking about! Those first projects that you made that were not up to the standard that you sew now, but you still wear them and love them because even flawed, something right happened with them. I think it’s good to keep them around to see your progress over time too.

  3. My favorite project was a coat i made a couple of years ago. I screwed up the lining, but every time I wore it, I felt wonderful. It was the style, the vintage buttons, and the pattern, that I’d modified enough to call it my own. Thanks for helping me to remember that success, however imperfect.

    • elizabethmadethis Reply

      Glad to! It’s good to remember what went well about past projects even if everything wasn’t perfect. I think it helps you remember where you’ve been and helps you clarify which direction you want to move in.

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