I sometimes wonder what all of the fabric choices on the back of pattern envelopes are all about.  You have a good idea about what denim, linen, and gingham are, for example, but there’s always other suggestions that are a bit more obscure.  This top was an attempt to fill in a gap in my knowledge about one of those obscurities.

Faille.  It’s defined as a glossy, soft, finely-ribbed, silk-like woven fabric made from
cotton, silk, or manufactured fibers, especially rayon. It has a crosswise rib weave and the soft material drapes well. It is finer than grosgrain and with flatter ribs. It is difficult to launder but will give good wear if handled properly. Has a lustrous finish.

I bought this particular cotton faille with a gift certificate to Denver Fabrics for my birthday.  It’s lovely.  Lovely.  I had read all of these nasties about faille being awful to work with, but this was quite stable, pressed like a champion (hence the pleated trim that I added)

 and is absurdly comfortable to wear.  It was NOT difficult to launder (or rather my current occupation drives me to dump in lengths of fabric with whatever spit up drenched garment doesn’t pass the smell test and if it survives, hey, it’s ready to sew).  How a fabric can be dense, yet breathable and drapey is beyond me.  I’m keeping an eye out for nice faille from now on.

Butterick 5485

What I learned (besides that faille is awesome)

Repetitive altering:  Do you have those alterations that you do so much that you forget that you have to do them.  That would be short waistedness for me.  It’s pretty typical to have to take out 2-3″ in everything for me.  Yup, I forgot it on this top. Doh.  Hey, it’s tunic length–I *meant* to do that.

This is my last summery sort of sewing.  There’s a jacket in pieces in the sewing room and some warmer knits coming soon.  I’m so glad it’s getting cool enough to wear ITY again–there’s so much of it in the stash.

My full review is on Patternreview here.


  1. Katharine in Brussels Reply

    I can’t believe you can still wear light sleeveless shirts on 14 September! I have a cardigan on. DS is napping, DD is out with papa, and I should get back to sewing… E, I was thinking of you as I measured my postpartum hips and waist yesterday. Ahh, well it’s the price we pay for these little miracles! It will come off soon!s

  2. I’ve avoided faille because, frankly, I don’t know what it is! I will keep an eye out with your recommendation. Love the top, very cute! And yes, I sometimes forget to do a broad back adjustment and get so annoyed with myself! It is something for which no fix can be made to the finished garment.

  3. LOVE the pleats!! This is so pretty! You know…I NEVER sew for myself, so I would be at a total loss for anything that would need adjusting from an original pattern!! Someday maybe I will take that plunge…maybe even using the awesome patterns I got from you! HA!

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