Fabulous Felt Christmas Cookies

Learn how to make handmade felt ornaments that’ll bring in the cheer

the holidays are stressful enough. Give yourself a sewing break with 12 easy to sew felt projects.

From October-December it’s a big mixed bag of busy, joy, memories, and more busy.  Sometimes you just need a break from the noise to make something to make you smile.

You + felt = frustration free projects to unwind with

Why sew with felt?

Easy to cut

There's no grain on felt, so there's no complicated cutting layouts. Plus, even basic fabric scissors can cut felt easily.


There's a lot of spendy fabrics, felt isn't one of them. If sewing is new to you, felt is a great way to get your practice in before investing in pricey fabric.

Simple to sew

Felt doesn't fray, so there's no fancy seam finishes required. And sewing felt is a cinch. It's stable surface loves added embellishments and it's easy to maneuver it on your sewing machine.

how Fabulous Felt Christmas Cookies came to be...

From when I was old enough to stand in the kitchen my family and I have been making Christmas cookies together.  A lot of them.  Like 12 kinds/year.  It’s always been a tradition I’ve cherished, and my family and friends always look forward to the tins of cookies!  I even used to decorate our tree every year with actual gingerbread cookies.  I stopped doing that when my kids ate them straight off the tree!

So I was thinking, how could I get the look of decorating with cookies, but with something that A) wasn’t edible and B) I could keep for years to come?

The answer was easy–felt! Felt is easy to sew, comes in umpteenmillion colors, and is perfect for sewing miniature creations like the “cookies” you’ll see in this guide.

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Introducing the Fabulous Felt Christmas Cookies E-Guide!

12 Easy to make Christmas cookie ornaments you can craft yourself in under 30 minutes

Have a look inside this 63 page eguide

easy to follow Sewing tutorials

12 fun felt projects with full step-by-step tutorials to help you create your own collection of handmade Christmas ornaments in all their felty cookie glory.

12 patterns

Patterns available in PDF or SVG formats

Here’s some of my favorites felt projects from the guide:

  •  Felt macarons
  • Spritz wreaths
  • “Coconut” Faux Fur Snowmen
  • Ugly Sweater Shortbread
  • Gingerbread Mini Houses (with button peppermints!)

Embellishment techniques

Think of these projects as mini-lessons to help you experiment with fabric. You’ll learn how to add sequins and beads to a project, how to layer fabric, how to sew appliques and more.

build your sewing confidence with felt

Woven throughout are helpful sewing tips to help you become more confident as you work with felt.  These lessons are skills that you can extend into any kind of sewing you want to do.

Step by step photographs

Never be at a loss for what you're supposed to be doing! These beautiful photographs will help you each step along the way so there's no head scratching.

scrap happy

Each of these projects is a great way to use up felt scraps. There's no 89 yards of fabric needed here, just little crafty bits!

craft felt vs wool felt

Simple hand embellishing

With a few hand stitches, you'll see how beautiful your ornaments can become. Even if you're not handy with a needle + thread, you'll love how easy it can be to add these little extras.

Make a pretty little tree

There’s days you want a pretty perfect Pinterest tree with everything just so.  Then there’s every other day when you just want a collection of ornaments you and your family can make memories with for years to come.  Adorn your own tree with these handmade ornaments, crafted by you with love.  

what's up? I'm Elizabeth!

Hi I’m Elizabeth, and probably like you I love to sew! I hang my hat at elizabethmadethis.com where it’s my mission to help you sew something creative. And that’s what we’re going to do here!

Fabulous Felt Christmas Cookies is all about helping you explore some creative embellishing techniques with easy to sew felt.  

I’m a Mom to 4, and wife to one awesome guy. We live in Colorado in view of the majestic Rockies. We love nerdy hardcore board games and all things baseball. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of felt should I use?

Any felt you can get your hands on will work for these projects, although wool felt will give you the best results.  Inside the guide, there’s a comparison of wool and acrylic felt so you’ll feel confident in shopping for materials for these projects.

I'm new to sewing. Can I make these projects?

If you can thread up your machine, you can handle these projects.  Felt is such an awesome beginner-friendly fabric, and you’ll get some excellent practice in these projects with straight stitching, pivoting, and zigzag stitches as well as learning some fun embellishment techniques you can apply to any project beyond this guide.

I don't have much time to sew. How long will it take to many one of these projects?

Time will vary, but each of these projects are small and require very little materials.  I feel confident in saying you can finish each one easily in under 30 minutes.

Escape the holiday crazy, pour yourself a cup of tea, and sit down with a little felt to sew.

Easy felt sewing, just add beading needle

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