Fabulous Felt Christmas Cookies

Got 30 minutes? Create adorable handmade ornaments to cherish for years to come.

With this 63 page digital tool kit you’ll be able to handcraft 12 unique holiday ornaments for years to come!  With this toolkit you can make ornaments for Christmas Trees, ornament swaps, festive bunting, gifts or gift wrap accessories!

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If you’ve ever wanted a tree full of handmade ornaments but you thought they’d take for.e.ver to make and you’re time-strapped enough sewing last minute Christmas program costumes as it is, keep scrolling…

Sewing dreams vs. december

So you’re scrolling through Pinterest and you find yourself saving all these handmade ornaments.  You’d love to be able to stitch up happy little ornaments that’ll make memories for years to come for your family.  But then December hits and you’ve got 18 different commitments, teacher gifts to get, parties to organize.  Another year goes by and your sewing dreams gather dust…

Can we be honest for a hot second my sewing friend?  If I could peek inside your sewing room come December would I find…

Dude I get it.  You’re a maker.  Of course you want to use the craft you love to love on others, but sometimes the pressure to make is overwhelming.  And it’s not your fault.  Time gets away from all of us.

What you need are some quick-win, easy to sew, fast projects you can make in a max of 30 minutes.  I’m talking projects that take tiny bits of fabric that are so fun to make, your cheeks are gonna hurt from smiling.

Introducing the Fabulous Felt Christmas Cookies digital toolkit!

Everything you need to learn to sew up 12 easy to make Christmas cookie ornaments in under 30 minutes each.

After getting your Fabulous Felt Christmas Cookies digital toolkit, you'll

Have 12 projects you can sew up in 30 minutes or less (most 15 minutes and under).

Added sewing sequins and beading to your sewing ninja skills.

Have stitched ornaments so stinking cute your kids will fight over them when they leave home.

Be able to tell your best friend--"Hey, I made that" when she asks where you got that awesome Ugly Sweater cookie ornament.

Finally be able to use your stack of felt sheets you stashed.

Peek inside the toolkit...

PDF and SVG patterns: Print out the patterns at home or use your Cricut.

Easy to sew felt: beginner friendly and forgiving, felt is your BFF for quick and simple sewing.

Beef up your hand stitching skillset: you'll have so much fun adding little extras like sequins and "peppermint" buttons as you're learning about basic stitches.

No fuss machine embroidery: you'll learn easy machine embroidery without needing fancy machine.

Easy to follow, step by step, full color photos so you won't have a #craftfail moment.

You can download all of this and be stitching charming felt cuteness pronto.

When you wake up to that tree filled with your sweet felt cookie ornaments you stitched yourself, all the warm fuzzies will flood on in.  Which one will be your favorite?  The Peppermint Pretzels, Ugly Sweater Shortbreads? Those awesome Gingerbread houses?

fabulous felt Christmas cookies collage

What smart people are asking...

How do I get my copy?

The secure checkout is through Stripe.  The files will be delivered to you via Sendowl.  Because of the nature of digital files, I am not able to offer a refund.

What if I'm not happy with this?

Since you can download all the files and save them to your computer, I can’t offer a refund policy.  Eek, I know.  The thing is, there’s just no way I can ensure that no files are stored on your devices.  Sorry. 

I'm new to sewing. Can I make these projects?

If you can thread up your machine, you can handle these projects.  Felt is such an awesome beginner-friendly fabric, and you’ll get some excellent practice in these projects with straight stitching, pivoting, and zigzag stitches as well as learning some fun embellishment techniques you can apply to any project beyond this guide.

How long will it take me to make these?

Most of the cookies can be made in 15 minutes or less, though a couple of the ones with added embellishment will take a little longer.  Every project inside of Fabulous Felt Christmas Cookies can be made in under 30 minutes.

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Fabulous Felt Christmas Cookies is all about helping you explore some creative embellishing techniques with easy to sew felt.  

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