Hi!  My name is Laquana and I blog over at Made by Laquana!  I’m super excited to share with you my day and night dress challenge looks!  When Elizabeth reached out to me about the challenge, I was super excited! I’ve recently looked through my closet and I’ve been evaluating my makes over the past few months.  

Evaluating my handmade wardrobe

With reflection, I’ve slowed down a bit, and I’ve focused on classic pieces and also technique. I’m transitioning into slower fashion to ensure my garments last and that they fit my needs longer.  My thinking has taken a pivot to ensure I don’t just make, but I enjoy my garments over and over again. There are some great garments, some cake, and some frosting, but what holds true to all is that I have a few that I’ve only worn once.  I was so tempted to style one of last year’s day and night challenge dresses for his years challenge. Why didn’t I? I found a dress deep in the back of the closet that I haven’t worn in over two years, I know, right!

My goal for this challenge was to pull out the dresses I’ve made and put them in order by age.  Once I had my dresses in order, I chose the oldest two and then I picked the one I’ve worn the least.  I thought this was a good way to show how to give new life to what’s in your me made closet.

My style

I consider my style classic chic with pops of color.  in spite of my style, over the last few years, I’ve made dresses in bold colors and prints, not much cake. I like semi fitted dresses with sleeves and open necklines, both short and long but usually knee length.  I love that I can make these types of garments, but I struggle with rewearing bold prints and colors to my conservative workplace . I also find that prints and bold colors are more noticeable and they tend to get worn less often.  So, why do I keep making these one hit wonders? I don’t know, but this year I will find fresh ways to style them and make more “cake” dresses,

When pulling together my looks, I kept things simple, I looked at my lifestyle and grabbed layers that would work with a variety of dresses and looks.   The dress I chose is Butterick 6425, I made it a few years ago to wear to my uncles birthday party and the review is on my blog.  I love this dress but struggled with wearing it to work. I could have worn it on a date night, but I just kept making new dresses!  This is a T Shirt dress with cold shoulder cut outs and a belt.

My day look approach

When looking at a day look, In the fall and winter, I tend to wear a light jacket/blazer or cardigan and comfortable shoes.  That’s it, there are additional layers based on preference: necklace, hand bag, comfortable shoes, scarf, etc… I hung my dress up and pulled a few complementary items from my close (both handmade and ready to wear) and just started playing around until I got the look I was going for.  

Wardrobe experiments

Pinterest is a great resource for ideas on how to layer and color coordinate if inspiration is needed. There were several looks that would have worked, I just picked the look that’s closest to my everyday style. The Denim Jacket is RTW but this could have been a handmade jacket, cardigan or wrap, I wear this jacket often and I have two ready to wear denim jackets in my closet.  I didn’t want to make another jacket when these work for now. I completed the look with my go to suede low heel boots (a must for a casual day for me) and a hand knitted wool blend “outlander” inspired cowl. I knitted this cowl a few years ago and it’s soo comfy and the color is dreamy. It’s around 65 degrees here so this outfit worked perfectly.

My night look

Finally, for the night look, I pulled some accessories that I could leave in my car for a quick after work look.  I tend to go from work to dinner without going home so I wanted to ensure I could quickly and easily get ready for dinner from the office.

 For the night look, I grabbed another oldie but goodie cape out of my closet, I made this cape for 1920’s themed birthday party, this was all the fringe I was willing to wear lol.  I paired that with my black heels and a long necklace and earrings. I will typically wear a darker lipstick in the evening, but all of this fit nicely in small bag and made getting ready super quick.  I’ve worn this dress without a jacket or wrap the first time and because it’s chilly, I wanted something cute to wear over my shoulders without being too hot.

That’s it, my day and night dresses, what do you think?  This challenge has encouraged me to think outside the box and find new ways to breathe life into my garments.

 I’d like to hear from you, how would you style this dress and, how are you making your garments pull double duty?


  1. Find your lonely dress in your closet! Sew up 2 extra pieces to coordinate with your dress for a day look and a night look.
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