easy maternity skirt

Easy Maternity Skirt

Nothing revolutionary about this skirt.  It’s just a plain old a-line knit skirt made from Simplicity 4704.  The outer fabric I got basically for free at Denver Fabrics at the $2/lb table.  It’s a super high quality ponte with awesome drape, but about 20″ of width was missing, so they had to sell it in their remnants.  I had originally thought about making a jacket out of it, but without that extra 20″ there’s not too many jackets you can make even with the close to 2 yards that I had.  No matter–the color is just a little too cool for my coloring, so a skirt would allow me to use it and keep it away from my face.

 But it was just a little too limp to use without a lining.

Enter a really lovely piece of some kind of poly/rayon/spandex I got in Santa Fe.  It has a soft sweatery sort of feel to it but I was kind of on the fence about the color.  easy maternity skirt

Though my coloring is warm, I can wear blue-greys because of my eyes, but this one is probably a little too dark, cool, and muted for my coloring…so my thinking here, you can see was very similar ponte.  All of these thoughts about color are pretty new for me after really thinking clearly about it after Steph’s and Patty’s posts (read: locking myself in the sewing room and dividing my stash into colors that look awesome on me, ones that are okay, ones that are passable perhaps if on my lower half, and ones that I should never ever ever touch–it’s pretty eye-opening what you come up with).  Who knew I’ve been wearing the wrong makeup like for-ev-er?  Originally I wanted the skirt to be reversible, not unlike the reversible skirt that Mikhaela made for her pregnancy.

I used a knit rib band + elastic on the top of the skirt instead of the shirring that Mikhaela opted for–essential since I was using two fairly heavy knits.  I really disliked the waistband from my first version.  It’s just a straight piece, which isn’t bad in theory, but dang it all, I still have a waist, so I need a little shaping at the side seams.  Burdastyle 6-2010-129 has a really great waistband that really mimics the shape of your weirdo pregnant body well when rendered in rib knit.  I’ve used the same pattern piece on the last 2 pair of shorts that I’ve made, so I knew it would work.  Those side seams in the waistband sit much better on my body–the straight one from the pattern likes to scoot around since the skirt hangs more on your bump than your hips like most skirts.  And let’s face it, pregnancy is uncomfortable enough without having to yank your clothes around all the time.

The sad thing was that the blue knit was too stretchy and swingy in comparison to the ponte, so after I basted them together and sewed on the rib knit band, the blue dipped unevenly and strangely in places underneath the taupe knit.  So reversible was out–no matter, my $16/yd knit became a posh lining with a little trimming and a quick rolled hem on the serger.  Normally this would cause me extreme guilt, but in reality, I really like the feel of this knit, and I’m not super crazy about the color, and @$2/lb, the outer fabric was nearly free.

So though it’s not terribly interesting in form, it is swingy, very versatile, and so so comfortable.  It’s the first in my mini-wardrobe.  I figured I’d get it out of the way first since it was exciting me the least.  I also have a jacket on the table and have finished a rather fun knit dress that Noah calls the “marshmallow dress” which is not nearly as insulting it sounds, but more on that tomorrow.

My full review of the skirt is here.

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