DIY oversized pattern storage

How do you store your oversized patterns?

The majority of my patterns are stored in a standard filing cabinet.  I keep PDF patterns and patterns that I’ve traced in manila envelopes.  The patterns in the manila envelopes and patterns in their original pattern envelopes fit easily in the filing cabinet.  But there are those patterns that are too large to fit in the cabinet.  For me, that means my Jalie patterns.  I also don’t store my Burda and Ottobre pattern magazines in the cabinet because I use them too frequently to file them away.  Up until now, both the pattern magazines and the Jalie patterns have been stored in stacks on my bookcase, but it looks messy and unorganized, and often, the piles collapse all over my floor.  A solution was in order.

DIY oversized pattern storage

My boxes were made by painting stripes on wooden boxes and decoupaging the pattern pieces of doll patterns.  The doll patterns are the perfect scale for the size of the boxes, and they are perfect decor in a sewing room.  These boxes are a great stylish storage solution for any sewing room.  Here’s an easy tutorial that shows you how you can make your own DIY oversized pattern storage:

DIY Oversized Pattern Storage


Wooden storage cubes (such as IKEA Valje, Way Basics cubes from Target or Home Depot.)

Scrap pieces of wood blocks

Sandpaper (optional)

1 qt Latex paint with added primer in 1-2 colors

Sample size of latex paint for the stripes, a couple of shades darker than your chosen paint color

Brushes, rollers, paint trays

Blue painter’s tape

Trash bags for a tarp

2-3 doll clothes patterns

ModPodge, any formula

Foam brush


  1. Tape down trash bags with the painter’s tape to the floor of your workspace to create a tarp.  Set blocks on the tarps to elevate the boxes for easier painting.
  2. Sand down the cubes if it is made out of a laminate material.  The paint will not adhere to a laminate surface if it’s not sanded.  Sand until there’s no visible shine on the surface.
  3. Paint the inside and outside of the boxes with a roller and brush.  2 coats will give you good coverage.  Paint them all one color, or use a different color for the inside of the box if you like.DIY oversized pattern storage
  4. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly, then use the painter’s tape to create stripes on all the exterior sides of the box.  You can alternate the order of the stripes on each side, or create stripes that run completely around the box.  Press the tape firmly to the box.DIY oversized pattern storage
  5. Using the paint sample, brush paint over the areas of the box that are not taped.  Brush over the edges of the tape.DIY oversized pattern storage
  6. Pull off the tape.  If necessary, touch up the edges of the stripes with a brush.DIY oversized pattern storage
  7. Cut up the pattern pieces, leaving just a small 1/8″ border around the dark cutting lines.  Set the pieces aside.DIY oversized pattern storage
  8. Using the foam brush, paint a thin layer of ModPodge over the surface of a side of the box.
  9. Working quickly, stick the pattern pieces to the box.  Smooth them out as much as you can.  Continue the same process on each side of the box.DIY oversized pattern storage
  10. Allow the ModPodge to dry slightly, then paint another layer of ModPodge over the entire surface of each side, covering the painted areas and the pattern pieces.

Now you have some pretty boxes to store your oversized patterns!

DIY oversized pattern storage


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    • elizabethmadethis Reply

      Thanks Andie! I guess if I ever want to use the doll patterns, there will be some interested tracing going on!

  1. That is great idea. I keep mine in a scrapbook storage case. One for the heirloom patterns, one for ottobre.

  2. So this is what you did with those vintage doll patterns! How clever! I’m obsessed with organizing my sewing room this summer, so I love your decoupaged boxes. Oversized patterns are a challenge, but your solution looks perfect.

    • Thanks! I’ve been thinking about organization for a while now too. It’s tricky to find good systems that are cute and affordable. The big patterns have so needed some help for a while. Jalies deserve better than being stored on the floor!

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