DG Patterns’ Addison Skirt and Mother’s Day Aprons

Happy Mother’s Day!  In honor of the day, I’ve been up to a lot of Mommy and Me business this week.  First up is DG Patterns’ Addison Skirt.

DG Patterns’ Addison Skirt

Addison skirt

I’m really making more of an effort to have make more skirts.  It’s hard to deny how polished you look in them.  DG Patterns’ Addison Skirt caught my eye when it first came out with its asymmetrical wrap feature and ties.  Daniela really has great style, and her patterns all seem to feature some really cool detail, and the wrap is that detail for this!

I made it up in a mint ponte.  The pattern calls for the wrap pieces to be sewn from a layer of self fabric and of interfacing, turned, and topstitched.  I wasn’t sure about the interfacing.  Perhaps in a stretch woven (another choice for the pattern), it would be possible to use a sew-in interfacing like muslin. I just treated a second layer of ponte from scraps of this turquoise zebra print I had leftover from another project as a lining.

Typically, I cut the zebra the wrong way out on one side.  Rather than keeping it as the lining I intended, I turned it into a design feature.  Why not fuse asymmetry with color blocking while I’m at it?

Twee circle skirt

Addison skirt

I made a matching circle skirt for baby girl from more scraps.  I added tiny pockets that I bound along with the waistband with foldover elastic.  This little baby skirts are absurdly fast to make and take like zero fabric.  I think it took me 30 minutes, and I was dithering.  Focused Elizabeth could make one in 10 minutes.  This will not be the last one for her!

Addison skirt

Mother’s Day Aprons

As I said yesterday in my apron retrospective, some of my earlier memories are with my Mom and my Gram in the kitchen working away.  We’ve always been a baking/cooking family, and my boys love helping me.  Their aprons have been getting too small for some time, so what with The Monthly Stitch’s Amazing Aprons theme this month, I whipped up a batch of new aprons for them.

Kids’ Aprons

I used this tutorial on Craftsy for the kids’ aprons.  It fits my two younger boys just fine, but my oldest will need another bigger size.  The Wizard of Oz print will be for my daughter when she gets bigger.  The cow print is Marimekko, the cars and the Wizard of Oz are both Japanese canvas.  I lined all of them with random bits and bobs.  The aprons are all reversible.  This was a great stashbusting project.

Vintage Simplicity 6808

My apron I made from vintage Simplicity 6808.  I found this home dec fabric on the $2/lb table at Colorado Fabrics one day and knew it’d make a great apron.  I bought the pattern a while back when I was making this apron for UpCraftClub.

apron from a skirt pattern

My article deadline came for the apron, and the pattern hadn’t made it to me in the mail.  Since then, the pattern has been sitting in my bedroom where I had forgotten about it.  In the process of decluttering a bit, I decided that the time for the pattern was NOW.

Image result for simplicity 6808

I sewed it up pronto, adding some striped bias tape I made from a bit of lilac shirting.  I’m totally in love with the big deep pockets and wrap around style.  This will be a great apron for gardening!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day!  How do you celebrate the day in your sewing?

18 thoughts on “DG Patterns’ Addison Skirt and Mother’s Day Aprons”

  1. That skirt wrap detail is so unique! And thanks for linking the kid’s apron tutorial. I’ve been starting to let the older boy help me in the kitchen here and there, so I’ll probably need to make him one when he’s old enough to do it more consistently. I hope you enjoyed your Mother’s Day!

    1. elizabethmadethis

      The skirt wrap was totally what drew me to this pattern. Once I found out it wasn’t an actual wrap, I was sold. No wardrobe malfunctions are possible here! I hope starting to cook with your guys is a fun experience. We’ve always kept step ladders in the kitchen so they can be a part of the whole experience of work. Sometimes help has an interesting interpretation as you know, but that’s how learning happens too! I’m glad you got some good time yesterday to work on your Matcha top!

  2. I love that fabulous wrap skirt, and your fabric choice is so great! Your family looks pretty happy in their aprons and I love that vintage simplicity pattern. Might have to try that with some fabric in my stash!

    1. elizabethmadethis

      It’s a cool pattern–I’m looking forward to making it again with the shortened bib. I fixed the bib after the fact, but I realized it’d be better if it got shortened in the strap area…better proportions! The good news is that it’s an easy vintage pattern to track down. I think I paid $4 all total for mine and there’s tons of copies to be had on Ebay and Etsy.

  3. Honestly! I may have to add Aprons to my mix of sewing. Your creation are inspiring, plus they really do keep the flour off 🙂 Gosh- I just love that last photo.

    1. elizabethmadethis

      They are super practical, and they’re a lightning fast sew and great for beginners. My youngest guy is quite the deep thinker at times–we’ll put that one in the family album for the year. 😀

  4. Heather McPhail

    Love your top with the Addison Skirt! Great design and color combinateions. What is the top pattern?

    1. elizabethmadethis

      Thanks so much. The top is actually a J Crew ramie/cotton tank that I picked up at a consignment shop! I’ve had it for a while and haven’t been able to wear it do to pregnancy and not having a good bottom. I was glad to have a good choice for it because I was really excited to have found it!

      1. Heather McPhail

        It just goes to show that if you buy/make what you like, you will inevitably find something to go with it, that works. (Kind of like “If you make it, they will come” idea.) I made a top recently that I thought I had nothing to go with, but after finishing it, found an old pair of pants that coordinates perfectly. And I’ve worn that combination a lot, and feel great in it every time. 🙂

        1. elizabethmadethis

          Yes! I think when you gravitate towards certain colors those little problems eventually work themselves out!

  5. I love the colour combination in your skirt and the wrap design is a great focal interest. Also you have a great collection of aprons. I thought I was the only person who still wears them.

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