Today I’m so happy to be sharing Alethia of Sew Much Talent fame in her beautiful dresses for The Day and Night Dress Challenge.  Indeed, this Georgia peach has got mad talent.  You guys are in for a treat!  Without further ado:

The Day and Night Dress Challenge 2018: Sew Much Talent

Stepping up to the plate

First, let me say that I was over ecstatic that I was even invited to be a blogger for this challenge. I love Elizabeth a.k.a. The Fabric Manipulator. . . .I was delighted to do so! Besides, she is one of my administrators, It’s kinda hard to say no.

Second, this has truly been a challenge. Unfortunately, true to my nature I was extremely indecisive as to what dresses I wanted to create. I went through several patterns and tossed them all.  I just couldn’t think. I wasn’t sure. This went on until proverbially and literally the 11th hour.  But I did it.

My style

As you’ll see, I created my day and night looks with a little twist that I think is prophetic of me and my life these days.  I have a very eclectic passion for fashion… sometimes a little eccentric. But, hey, it’s what I like.  I learning to just do what I see and make no apologies about it. However, you rarely get to see that side of me because I don’t get dressed up often.


Anyway, let’s talk about these looks. I used a very basic sheath dress pattern, McCalls 7085 for my coffee dress.

( I did change the style pattern at the last minute)

To many of you this may be a surprise, but I DID NOT HACK THIS PATTERN.I stitched it straight from the envelope.  I only had to make minor fit adjustments, adding to the sides, and length to the hem. I, also, took up the shoulders a tad bit.

I chose to use this beautiful piece of fabric that I got from one of my sew sisters, Eubie Bryant. Eubie runs her business, Custom Sewing and Alterations, here locally.  She does a lot of home decor for her clients. This piece I got from her is actually a home decor piece.

I accidentally discovered that it paired perfectly with a 3-D organza  fabric that I received from one of my Sew Much Talent sisters last February.

My Coffee Dress

For me, my coffee runs are usually from in-home studio to  my kitchen, where i make my own. If I must go to Starbucks, then it’s either on the way to my part-time job, or on the way home in the mornings from taking the kids to the local college. So, this is my idea of what meeting a client for coffee would look like.

My cocktail look

Okay, so let me tell you about my cocktail dress. I imagine, as my life is normally, that I am running from coffee with a client to a cocktail party. I don’t have time to change into something completely different, so I have to transform my look to fit the occasion. We do it in business all the time. So, why not make it work in this case. SO, I technically do not have two dresses, I have two looks. All I could hear is my husband saying, as he always does, “work smarter, not harder”. So, then, it all started coming together.
This is where the organza 3-D fabric came into play. I imagined doing so much with it, but time was of the essence. SO, to make a quick change and transform the look, I self-drafted an overskirt and a matching exaggerated flower. With the change of my shoes and earrings , I was able to achieve what I wanted. I did change my hairstyle up. I even created hairpin accessories for my cocktail look.
Although I had challenges trying to decide on the looks, complete this blog post, and get pictures done, I am so happy to say that I made it! The only inspirations were my imaginations mentioned above, my husbands voice whispering in my ear. He knows I over think everything.
I will say that I did Google search for both coffee dress and cocktail dresses.
All I got from the coffee dress search were a boat load of chocolate colored dresses. In my search for the cocktail dress, I found this dress code along with this picture that kinda has the same idea as mine. Seeing this image of a cocktail dress gave me the reassurance that my dress will be just fine.

To you Elizabeth, thank you ever so much for asking me to participate in this challenge. It has truly been a challenge. I am enjoying seeing what the other bloggers and vloggers have created.

Keep watching here on Elizabeth Made This   and on YouTube between now and February 28th for more amazing dresses from this wonderful global crew of sewing bloggers and vloggers I’ve assembled!  

Want to join in the fun yourself?


    1. Sew some dresses!
    2. Let other people know about it.  Use #dayandnightdresschallenge on Twitter and Instagram and follow the Day and Night Dress Challenge Facebook group.
    3. Keep reading here to find out the latest.  Follow Elizabeth Made This on Instagram andFacebook.
    4. Post a picture of your day look (coffee) and your night look (cocktail) to Instagram to enter yourself.  Don’t forget to tag me @elizabethmadethis and use the #dayandnightdresschallenge.
    5. Grab a graphic and post it on your site and/or repost on Instagram:



Elizabeth is a self-taught sewist with a love for all things DIY and creative. Her friend calls her "The Fabric Manipulator" and she's always looking for ways to squeeze the most out of her sewing time in between caring for her 4 kids and husband.


  1. Love the idea of a dress that can work both ways with just a little effort! You look great and the fabrics are really cute!

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