I’m grateful to call Renata of Runningnstyle a friend, and we’ve had a lot of good conversation this year leading up to her dresses for The Day and Night Dress Challenge.  Both of these dresses are such a lovely reflection of her and I hope you enjoy them!  Welcome Renata!

The Day and Night Dress Challenge 2018: Runningnstyle

Wow! where did the month go? Thanks Elizabeth for inviting me to take part in this fantastic challenge. I am humbled to be named among so many talented bloggers/ vloggers for a second year! It is with great pleasure I bring my coffee & cocktail dresses to you. BurdaStyle ended up stealing the show. I had plans to use my gifted fabric for one Burda Dress and the other for an Inspired dress using another brand as the foundation for the design. In this post you will see what I had originally planned to sew. Well faith had it’s own plan, my inspired dress went out the door and made room for another great dress. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, first up the Day Dress.

Tropical Coffee Dress

This dress is so much more flattering than I expected. I made the coffee dress with a beautiful tropical stretch sateen  Shift Dress 08/2017 #111A. My overall feel with this dress, is a complete polished look! It’s 100% Lady. You know how they  (whoever the they’s are) say wear a power suit, or your should have a power suit in your wardrobe. Well this is my tropical power dress! I feel like I’m in total control, like I can rock this dress in a snow storm or tropical depression :).

My look is the perfect marriage of Vintage meets the modern woman!

The instructions are straight forward and the fit beautiful. I made a size 38 for the top and graded to 40 for the skirt.  I’m not sure if it’s the fabric or the style, but I really love how it looks. As nervous as I was about the exaggerated neckline, I am thrilled I kept the original design. It is the perfect dress to hit the office and meet up with a friend. 

Cocktail Dress (BURDASTYLE 7065)

Well I had to switch gears and change my project. No more fancy Antropologie dress as an inspiration. To be honest the serger and I had a little accident and I sort of made the skirt half of the dress unusable. As much as I wanted to use that lovely gold foil & black fabric for this challenge.

As I made the abrupt change, I took a moment to consider what usually happens once spring hits Wisconsin. The phone starts ringing and people start coming out of hibernation and they want to mingle. By this time, I’ve about had it with all the layers of winter and truly appreciate easy pieces to wear. That’s when I decided this pattern would work best for me.  I absolutely love Burda 7065 it is the most flattering and sexy pattern without being too revealing. This is definitely a dress, I can see myself wearing to a casual gathering. 

I’v made this dress before, and it’s truly a snap to make. The only alterations I did was to shorten and add a slight high-low hem.  The original pattern is a more midi length. Although I love cocktail dresses because they short, sassy, and fun. Although this dress at first glance may have a somewhat casual feel, the right accessories and shoes will close the deal, to create a knock out look!

Thanks again Elizabeth, I can’t wait for 2019!

Keep watching here on Elizabeth Made This   and on YouTube between now and February 28th for more amazing dresses from this wonderful global crew of sewing bloggers and vloggers I’ve assembled!  

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