The Day and Night Dress Challenge 2018: Elizabeth Made This

The Day and Night Dress Challenge 2018: Elle Gee Makes

Welcome my fellow lace-lover Linda of Elle Gee Makes to the blog today.  I’m always excited to see what Linda has to sew up, and I know that her two dresses that she’s sharing for The Day and Night Dress Challenge are two examples of her beautiful work and her great eye for fabric!

I was thrilled when Elizabeth invited me to join in the Day and Night Dress Challenge again this year, especially when she announced the theme, Coffee and Cocktails. To me, those two activities are the bookends of a perfect day!

Coffee Dress

If you met me on the street in Portland, you’d likely see me in jeans or a dress, my daily outfits of choice. The dresses I reach for the most are my knit dresses. So, when it came to my coffee dress, this jacquard kit was the perfect fabric for me.


This dress is a bit of a departure for me, because when it comes to knits, I usually opt for loose-fitting oversized options. But in the winter, I’ve learned a close fitting knit dress can be surprisingly cozy!

To allow the texture and pattern of my knit to take center stage, I used a simple pattern, the extremely popular McCalls 6886, a close-fitting pullover knit dress that works best with moderate stretch knits. For contrast, I used solid jersey on the collar and sleeves.

Because this dress is close fitting, I thought a zipper at the hem/side seam might be a stylish way to add a bit of comfort.


This way, when I want a looser fitting dress, I can have it with a quick zip! Inserting a zipper isn’t hard on a moderate weight knit. I used iron-on stablizer on the seam allowance then just opened the zipper and sewed it in with the zipper bottom at the hemline. I also added an overlapping collar to the dress, fastened with a vintage button.


The sleeves are shortened to three-quarter length with a band of contrast fabric at the cuffs. 

This knit from Fabric Depot was such a find. It has the perfect drape and weight for this coffee dress, and it was so easy to cut and sew. The only wrinkle to my coffee dress plan was that a snow storm kept me from taking photos in the vintage coffee shop down the street. This winter has been so strange!! It felt like Spring a week ago, and now we’re buried in snow.

Cocktails, anyone?


I have a thing for lace, so it was a blissful moment, when I stumbled into the Mill End Store here in Portland and happened upon this lovely black and ivory lace. You know it’s meant to be when you rush over to the cutting counter without even checking the price!!


This fabric is amazing, but quite transparent, so I lined the bodice skipped it on the hem ruffle and sleeve cuffs so that the light would come through.


This dress is loosely based on Vogue 8945, a sheath dress with statement sleeves. I used the bodice pattern, but modified the sleeves, adding a unlined 8″ bell cuff. I shortened the dress by eight inches, then added a eight inch ruffle. To do this, cut swath of fabric 8 and 5/8″ deep ,with the length being 1 and 1/2 times the circumference of the hem. I gathered the top of that piece before attaching it to the hem.


The pattern is a Easy Vogue but working with bordered lace was not. Positioning the pattern pieces on the shifty lace was so challenging, I had to bring in the big guns (male) to help me to straighten and adjust the fabric. It was….crazy and, of course, we couldn’t help but think of Dustin (R.I.P.). Back in the day, he would have managed to jump right into the middle of things, which would have made us laugh and cut the tension! Miss that guy….

I’m really happy with both of my dresses! Thanks for having me as part of your second annual blog tour, Elizabeth. I can’t wait to see everyone’s creations!

The Day and Night Dress Challenge 2018: Sew Much Talent

Today I’m so happy to be sharing Alethia of Sew Much Talent fame in her beautiful dresses for The Day and Night Dress Challenge.  Indeed, this Georgia peach has got mad talent.  You guys are in for a treat!  Without further ado:

Stepping up to the plate

First, let me say that I was over ecstatic that I was even invited to be a blogger for this challenge. I love Elizabeth a.k.a. The Fabric Manipulator. . . .I was delighted to do so! Besides, she is one of my administrators, It’s kinda hard to say no.

Second, this has truly been a challenge. Unfortunately, true to my nature I was extremely indecisive as to what dresses I wanted to create. I went through several patterns and tossed them all.  I just couldn’t think and wasn’t sure. This went on until proverbially and literally the 11th hour.  But I did it.

My style

As you’ll see, I created my day and night looks with a little twist that I think is prophetic of me and my life these days.  I have a very eclectic passion for fashion… sometimes a little eccentric. But, hey, it’s what I like.  I learning to just do what I see and make no apologies about it. However, you rarely get to see that side of me because I don’t get dressed up often.


Anyway, let’s talk about these looks. I used a very basic sheath dress pattern, McCalls 7085 for my coffee dress.

( I did change the style pattern at the last minute)

To many of you this may be a surprise, but I DID NOT HACK THIS PATTERN.I stitched it straight from the envelope.  I only had to make minor fit adjustments, adding to the sides, and length to the hem. The shoulders also got taken in a bit.

This beautiful piece of fabric is from one of my sew sisters, Eubie Bryant. Eubie runs her business, Custom Sewing and Alterations, here locally.  She does a lot of home decor for her clients. This piece I got from her is actually a home decor piece.

I accidentally discovered that it paired perfectly with a 3-D organza  fabric that I received from one of my Sew Much Talent sisters last February.

My Coffee Dress

For me, my coffee runs are usually from in-home studio to  my kitchen, where i make my own. If I must go to Starbucks, then it’s either on the way to my part-time job, or on the way home in the mornings from taking the kids to the local college. So, this is my idea of what meeting a client for coffee would look like.

My cocktail look

Okay, so let me tell you about my cocktail dress. I imagine, as my life is normally, that I am running from coffee with a client to a cocktail party. I don’t have time to change into something completely different, so I have to transform my look to fit the occasion. We do it in business all the time. So, why not make it work in this case. SO, I technically do not have two dresses, I have two looks. All I could hear is my husband saying, as he always does, “work smarter, not harder”. So, then, it all started coming together.
This is where the organza 3-D fabric came into play. I imagined doing so much with it, but time was of the essence. SO, to make a quick change and transform the look, I self-drafted an overskirt and a matching exaggerated flower. With the change of my shoes and earrings , I was able to achieve what I wanted. I did change my hairstyle up. I even created hairpin accessories for my cocktail look.
Although I had challenges trying to decide on the looks, complete this blog post, and get pictures done, I am so happy to say that I made it! The only inspirations were my imaginations mentioned above, my husbands voice whispering in my ear. He knows I over think everything.
I will say that I did Google search for both coffee dress and cocktail dresses.
All I got from the coffee dress search were a boat load of chocolate colored dresses. In my search for the cocktail dress, I found this dress code along with this picture that kinda has the same idea as mine. Seeing this image of a cocktail dress gave me the reassurance that my dress will be just fine.

To you Elizabeth, thank you ever so much for asking me to participate in this challenge. It has truly been a challenge. I am enjoying seeing what the other bloggers and vloggers have created.

The Day and Night Dress Challenge 2018: Sew So Petite

I’m glad to welcome Tonya of Sew So Petite today to share her dresses for The Day and Night Dress Challenge.  Tonya always pulls out her classic style with such flair.  Enjoy!

Hey guys. I know it’s been a few months, so I want to say thank you for being a loyal reader.

Remember last year I participated in the Day and Night Dress Challenge hosted by Elizabeth from Elizabeth Made This? I made these cute little dresses? Well, Elizabeth invited me to participate again this year and I am so very honored! This year, it’s really the same theme:

Coffee and Cocktails

The idea is to make two dresses; one for coffee with friends and one for a night out sipping cocktails (or your evening beverage of choice). Stick around each day to view all the participants in their dresses during the challenge! But today is my day!

My Coffee Dress

For my Coffee Dress, I choose New Look 6449. It’s a simple shirt dress. Nothing fancy really. It was super simple to sew. I purchased a very light weight denim cotton from JoAnn’s Fabrics.

Other than the fact that this pattern is easy, I love the idea of having pockets on this dress. I can see myself running errands, coffee with friends or just kicking around the house and I have to be able to shove things in my pockets. This dress is easy to wear and can be styled with sneakers or boots just like I did. And the belt really brings it all together.

I really do love Starbucks. In fact, I go there daily!

My cocktail look

On to my evening dress….

This is Burda 6421. Let me be totally honest with you. This was my back up dress. The original did not work out as planned, but I really, really love this dress. I usually make long evening dresses that are a little more loose, but this one…..baaaaabbbyyyy!!!

Construction wise, it was not difficult. I chose a drapey suiting purchased from Fabric Mart Fabrics a long time ago. The color is actually a really dark brown (it looks black, I know). Because I wanted to add a little color, I lined it with a royal blue lining.

Out of the two dresses, this one is my fav. I feel sexy and sophisticated at the same time. I told my husband that he need to take me somewhere so I can wear it!

The Day and Night Dress Challenge 2018: Runningnstyle

I’m grateful to call Renata of Runningnstyle a friend, and we’ve had a lot of good conversation this year leading up to her dresses for The Day and Night Dress Challenge.  Both of these dresses are such a lovely reflection of her and I hope you enjoy them!  Welcome Renata!

Wow! where did the month go? Thanks Elizabeth for inviting me to take part in this fantastic challenge. I am humbled to be named among so many talented bloggers/ vloggers for a second year! It is with great pleasure I bring my coffee & cocktail dresses to you. BurdaStyle ended up stealing the show. I had plans to use my gifted fabric for one Burda Dress and the other for an Inspired dress using another brand as the foundation for the design. In this post you will see what I had originally planned to sew. Well faith had it’s own plan, my inspired dress went out the door and made room for another great dress. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, first up the Day Dress.

Tropical Coffee Dress

This dress is so much more flattering than I expected. I made the coffee dress with a beautiful tropical stretch sateen  Shift Dress 08/2017 #111A. My overall feel with this dress, is a complete polished look! It’s 100% Lady. You know how they  (whoever the they’s are) say wear a power suit, or your should have a power suit in your wardrobe. Well this is my tropical power dress! I feel like I’m in total control, like I can rock this dress in a snow storm or tropical depression :).

My look is the perfect marriage of Vintage meets the modern woman!

The instructions are straight forward and the fit beautiful. I made a size 38 for the top and graded to 40 for the skirt.  I’m not sure if it’s the fabric or the style, but I really love how it looks. As nervous as I was about the exaggerated neckline, I am thrilled I kept the original design. It is the perfect dress to hit the office and meet up with a friend. 

Cocktail Dress (BURDASTYLE 7065)

Well I had to switch gears and change my project. No more fancy Antropologie dress as an inspiration. To be honest the serger and I had a little accident and I sort of made the skirt half of the dress unusable. As much as I wanted to use that lovely gold foil & black fabric for this challenge.

As I made the abrupt change, I took a moment to consider what usually happens once spring hits Wisconsin. The phone starts ringing and people start coming out of hibernation and they want to mingle. By this time, I’ve about had it with all the layers of winter and truly appreciate easy pieces to wear. That’s when I decided this pattern would work best for me.  I absolutely love Burda 7065 it is the most flattering and sexy pattern without being too revealing. This is definitely a dress, I can see myself wearing to a casual gathering. 

I’v made this dress before, and it’s truly a snap to make. The only alterations I did was to shorten and add a slight high-low hem.  The original pattern is a more midi length. Although I love cocktail dresses because they short, sassy, and fun. Although this dress at first glance may have a somewhat casual feel, the right accessories and shoes will close the deal, to create a knock out look!

Thanks again Elizabeth, I can’t wait for 2019!

The Day and Night Dress Challenge 2018: Simply T Fashions

I’m so glad to have the last of my fellow admin crew from Sew Much Talent here today sharing her dresses for The Day and Night Dress Challenge.  Welcome Tisa of Simply T Fashions!

Hello…My name is Tisa and I blog over at

This is my first time joining Elizabeth at the day/night-dress challenge and I was honored when she asked me to join.  As I accepted the challenge I immediately started thinking about what looks I wanted to create.  I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but I do love me some tea. (The tea you drink that is…lol). So with that I knew I wanted a cute little off the shoulder dress. Why off the shoulder you ask…..Ii don’t know I just love showing  my shoulders.  So with that here’s what I decided……

The Day Dress Look

I chose Simplicity 8550 View D.  Then I extended the length to a dress and decided to tie the bow to the back instead of the front of the dress.  I also shortened the sleeves.  The fabric is this beautiful hunter green fabric from stylish fabric. I love the look and feel of this dress. And the bonus to me….this fabric irons beautifully!!


The Night Dress Look

When I heard cocktails..I was like Yasssss…now we talking!!  I live for the night life, but being a mommy of 4 that life has significantly slowed down, but not diminished. (insert wink) So when I get the opportunity to get all dolled up IM ALL IN!! I chose the classic McCalls 6886 and hacked it!  I love this pattern as it allows your creative juices to flow.  To hack it, I extended the neck line by 3 inches in the front and the back. After that, I tapered the hem closer to the knee and added a flounce.

I’m ready to party the night away!!


This was such a great challenge and I now have 2 new dresses. Winning!!!  Thank you again Elizabeth for including me.  I enjoyed reading and virtually meeting all my fellow sew sisters! Until next time.

Love you mucho,


The Day and Night Dress Challenge 2018: Cat in a Wardrobe

Every time I read a post from Eli of Cat in a Wardrobe, I feel like I’m just amazed by the beauty of Japan and how each of her fantastic garments reflect the depth of that beauty.  I’m so honored that she decided to participate in this year’s round of The Day and Night Dress Challenge.  Welcome Eli! 

Hi, friends! I’m Eli cat from Cat in a wardrobe. I would love to show my dresses to you for “Day and Night
Dress Challenge”. Both dress patterns are designed by Blank Slate Patterns.

Day Dress for “coffee”

For my day dress, I made the dress using Pocketful of Posies Dress. This was the first time I’ve used their
pattern. I loved the dress pattern at first sight. I really love the pleated centre panel, cocoon-shape and
big pockets, the banded hem is especially lovely.

I had a nice fabric in my stash that looks like a striped knit with a grosgrain ribbon. I wanted to show off
the fabric, so I changed the placement of the pattern pieces. I didn’t make a gathered hem but I made big
pleats and a slit on the hem instead. I never keep the slit open in the dress, so I didn’t make any
buttonholes. I have worn the dress several times already, and it’s lovely and incredibly comfortable. This
dress pattern has short sleeves, but it’s still as cold as ever, so I added to the sleeve length by a few

Only one thing, the front has some pleats on the neckline and below the waistline. The area was too
narrow for me, so I reduced the amount of pleats to widen it. Anyway, the pattern makes everyone happy.
It can be worn without the banded hem (but it’s too short as a dress), so I will make a tunic using the
same pattern next time.
#2. Night Dress

I made this kimono for the challenge! Just kidding! I made this dress using a second-hand kimono. The
sleeves of the kimono were too short for me, so I decided to use it for a project. I’m so glad that the
Kimono changed to the nice dress!

I made it using Auberley Dress and recommend the pattern for beginners. I love this simple dress
because it doesn’t have a zipper. It’s easy put on and take off quickly, and comfortable. I changed these
sleeves to three-quarter length and with ruffles rather than conventional sleeves. The instructions called
for making a tie, but I made a detachable bow instead of it. I added white lace pipings to the sleeves and
bodice. I think the dress goes well with boots and a fur vest as a casual style.

I often make my garments using second-hand kimonos because I can find unique patterned fabric.
Kimono fabric has a beauty that usual fabrics don’t have. However, it tends to be tacky(^-^;) I am often
asked by people, “How do you make a garment from a Kimono?” It’s gonna be a long story, so I’ll tell you
another time.

In conclusion,
I had fun making these dresses! Thank you very much to Elizabeth for inviting me to participate! I am glad
that I join the challenge. Thank you for reading!

43 thoughts on “The Day and Night Dress Challenge 2018: Elizabeth Made This”

  1. You’re dresses are perfect, I love the use of lace and the colors, they suit you. All the details from painting buttons and shoes to the double duty vest are fantastic elements! Thanks again for a great challenge!

  2. These dresses are sooo your style! I admire it, that you know so well what you like to sew and wear!
    I have to get the photos of my coffeedress done this weekend. (There are sooo different then yours in colour and style.)

    1. Thank you Anna! I think that’s one of the cool things about the sewing community–seeing how everyone’s style and aesthetics play out. What works for me probably won’t work for a lot of people, but what say you create is totally your style, and that is really fun to see! I look forward to seeing your dresses!

  3. I have been waiting all day for this to start! The final parade is my favorite moment! Just enjoying the show! The aqua color is so great on you and I love the bold contrast on your cocktail dress! The coffee dress is also so cute and comfy! But my absolute favorite is the painted shoes! I been thinking of trying something like that for a while but now I absolutely have to try and pain some old shoes! I hope it will work for me too!

    1. LOL, ah, the disparity in time zones! Thanks Georgia! Aqua is my all time favorite, and the contrast was a happy surprise. Go for it with painting shoes! If you can get Angelus leather paint, I could not recommend it more. I used the white Angelus as the base to cover over the black, and it is just lovely to work with. I just have a few colors right now, so I finished with regular acrylic paint and varnish, but I’ll be investing in more colors of the Angelus–it does such a remarkable job covering leather and it doesn’t chip or crack at all.

  4. Elizabeth, you did a fabulous job as usual! Bot dresses are super cute on you! Such attention to details! And the vest…gorgeous! Your cocktail dress is so amazing! What a beautiful creation…you continue to inspire us all!

  5. PsychicSewerKathleen

    So beautiful Elizabeth – the garments and you 🙂 I always love to read/see posts that include the inspiration garments to the completed ones. They are so satisfying! Both dresses suit you so perfectly – love your faux fur vest too!

    1. Aw, thank you Helen. I had such a lovely time working on both of these. I knew Cassandra had some serious potential, and I was not disappointed, and that I could figure out that lace dress felt like such a coup. I’m really pleased, and looking forward to everyone else’s dresses!

  6. I love your dresses! The lace one is my favourite and it has inspired me to get out my eyelet fabric and work out how to sew it so I can have different coloured slip dresses underneath it. I liked the photo where you showed the effect of the lace on different background colours – it really inspires you to think about fabrics in a different way.

    So excited to share my dresses in a few days! 🙂

    1. I can’t wait to see your dresses Katie! Yes, pull out those different colors. You will be amazed at what effects you can get by changing out the color. I have a white slip that I’ve mostly finished that I used as a muslin for my slip and I think I will finish it to have a softer version. And then you get double duty in your wardrobe too!

  7. Wow Elizabeth, you hit the nail on the head with your inspiration dresses. You are truly one of the most creative and resourceful sewists out there. Great job on the buttons and shoes….and I’m not surprised about the vest…You and your outerwear are a home run every time.

  8. Both dresses are lovely! I love that the cocktails dress is essentially two dresses in one, because I can quite easily see you mixing it up with a more subtle underdress for the lace or different layering pieces with the coral. As for my dress, I finished hand basting the underlining tonight (technically last night, as this is a 2:30 AM nursing read) and am hoping to start sewing my cocktails look tonight. I think the pattern should be a fairly quick sew, though I’m seriously debating adding pockets and will need to cut those out. If I can knock out a good chunk of that this weekend, I have a knit and a basic Seamwork pattern pulled out that I can hopefully whip up before the March deadline!

    1. Go Becky go! I have a white slip that is partially finished that I will finish for just that reason of having different options besides just the coral. I love the coral, but extra flexibility in a wardrobe is never a bad thing. I actually wonder if I could just put it over a cami and skinny jeans. I’m so pulling for you to finish!

  9. Ooh I really love the lace theme going on here and the way you were inspired by designer pieces.
    Love the shoulder ruffles on your coffee dress and your cocktail dress is so striking with the under-slip and captures the inspiration pic to a tee.

  10. These dresses are adorable, creative and quintessentially you! Such great work considering the task of coordinating all of this. Again, thank you for the invitation to participate. I say with no hyperbole, you have saved my sanity.

    1. Thank you Bianca! I’m so glad the timing worked out and that this challenge helped you! It’s been a great challenge. I think I’m going to have post event syndrome tomorrow after next week!

  11. Elizabeth, You did a beautiful job of interpreting those dresses to make them YOU. The only person I know who painted her shoes was my Aunt, who painted her shoes white for her wedding during World War 2. You are amazingly creative – painting the buttons as well! I am looking forward to reading about that vest.

    1. Thank you Mary! I think reinterpreting styles for your own tastes is one of the coolest things about sewing for yourself. Your aunt sounds like a very resourceful lady! I’m all about working with what you have!

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