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Since this whole lace tee trend started I keep asking myself, “How many lace shirts can I really justify having in my closet?”  I think the answer to that is something like, how much non-bridal lace can I find?

The thing about lace is that there’s so many different kinds of it and it lends itself to endless creativity.  Consider crochet lace.  It’s coarser and less stable than regular netted or bobbin laces, but the shapes and motifs are a little funkier and I think more fun too.  I don’t care how good they look, I cannot abide the scratchy feel of polyester or nylon laces, and it blows my mind the prices people pay for them given this stiff feel.  Naturally, crochet lace which I’ve only ever encountered made out of cotton is going to feel nice.

crochet lace

For this tee, I added a strip of lace down the center of each sleeve.  I divided the sleeve into thirds, putting a strip of thin white poly knit down the center and seaming it to my fashion fabric on either side.

My theory was that the lightweight nature of the lining would make it so that the lace wouldn’t out weigh the fashion fabric.  This worked out better than I anticipated.

crochet lace

I took the lace and hand basted it over the seams on the finished sleeve pieces, then I used a narrow (1.0 width, 2.5 length) zigzag to stitch around the edges.  The circle motifs had a tendency to poof out as I was working with the lace.  Knowing that the laundry would made this situation worse, I stitched around each of the motifs, essentially quilting the lace to the sleeve.  The extra thread added some weight in the sleeve, but I know it will come through the wash better.  The weight of the lace does make the neck a little rigid, but it’s not awful.  I think if I had left the lace unlined, it’d be a great deal less comfortable.

The pattern is Jalie 3245.  After much angst, I went forward with the changes that I’ve already made to this pattern.  After thinking about the armscye, I think I only need 1/4″ tuck vs the 1/2″ tuck that I took to “petite” the armscye.  The pattern as is does seem to sit lower than my other Jalie patterns, but not that much.  I did shorten the sleeve a bit for this tee.  The original sleeve sits awkwardly in the crook of my elbow, so I will always shorten or lengthen the sleeve when I use this pattern.

My full review of the pattern is here.

crochet lace
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