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It’s the start of baseball season.  That means by this time, my husband has poured over countless articles stats, predictions, and every other nitty gritty detail you’d never even think to consider concerning the Giants.  By now, my boys have all had their own Spring Training games in the Minor League Park that is our backyard, but for me, the beginning of ball season is a time to assess my family’s baseball wardrobes.  Which shirts are too small and need to be passed down or replaced, what needs to be bought, can I make anything? etc.

This year, my oldest is in need of a bigger jacket.  We’re going to a game in San Francisco in the summer, so I wanted something that would be light, but warmish enough to withstand San Francisco’s cool pleasant breezes.

corduroy vest

The pattern:

As I was planning, I came across Melly Sews’ Punk Vest and immediately fell in love with the topstitching details and the great story behind the pattern.  

Corduroy Vest

I had a grey corduroy leftover from my Corduroy Jeans that I chose to use for the outside.  I did not have any orange fleece on hand, but I did have green fleece and an old orange t-shirt that I could combine for the lining of the vest.

To combine the fleece and I the t-shirt, I cut out the pattern pieces and stacked the knit on top of the fleece.  Then I basted around the edges of each piece within the seam allowance.  Then you treat the whole thing just as one.  Technically, this is called interlining, but practically speaking, it allowed me to add a little warmth to the jacket with the fabrics I had available to me.

Zipper Detachable hood:



corduroy vest

I also wanted to test the notion of adding a detachable hood, so I drafted one up.  On windy days here in Colorado, a hood is a really nice buffer, but there’s days when you don’t want the bulk of a hood.  Bringing it back to baseball, I even tossed around the idea of having multiple hoods in appropriate colors for road and home games.

Sadly, the hood does not fit.  It’s too tall and too deep.  My child looks like a Druid when the hood is up, but I like the concept.  Midstream, I drafted a little flap to cover the zipper, but I had I already sewn the collar in.  Even if I hadn’t sewn the collar, adding a detachable hood means sewing through 7 layers of fabric plus the zipper itself–a CRAZY amount of bulk even in the lightest fabrics….so call it a pattern drafting fail, and a zippered detachable hood like this belongs on a jacket without a collar.

corduroy vest

What I do like about the hood is that it’s lined with a orange and white shirting cut from a men’s button-down.  I used the same shirting on the undercollar which makes for a nice contrast to the corduroy and cut down the bulk on the collar.

corduroy vest

The pattern calls for some quilting under the pockets.  I really like how the lines echo the pocket shape.  They remind me of ripples on a pond when you throw a rock.  I finished off one of the pockets with a iron-on Giants’ logo patch.

Tack buttons!

corduroy vest

As many jeans as I make, I’m always on the look out for good supplies for jeans.  I came across Dime Buttons, and after putting in the tack buttons on this vest, I don’t think I’ll use anything else.  They have so many different patterns to choose from (my son loves these Longhorn cows), but more importantly, the tack screws sit snugly inside the button and are sturdy.  I’ve tried many different tack buttons over the years, and I always prepare myself when I have to put in tack buttons.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to redo buttons because the screws either went in crooked and broke off.  Perhaps I’m not terribly strong, but most buttons require Herculean force on my part to install too.  Each of these Dime Buttons tapped into place with less than 5 casual blows with a hammer, and not one of the screws bent and broke off.  I don’t mean to sound like an infomercial here, but these really are excellent buttons.

corduroy vest

I’m looking forward to more Giants’ gear in my sewing future.  The boys all have their stuff, but I have none.  I’ve skirted being committed to being a fan in the past few years, but I’ll admit that baseball is kind of enjoyable to watch, and it’s fun seeing your team win.  I’m gathering swatches for my projects, but expect some baseball sewing for me before too long.

Are there any projects that you make to show support for your favorite team?
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  1. I’m really glad you posted because I was wondering if you were swallowed alive by your couch project. 🙂
    Great vest!!!

    • elizabethmadethis Reply

      I got the cushions cut out yesterday. I had planned to just do the cushions and wait to move forward, but I am hating how the cushion fabric looks with the navy, so I think I’ll get through things faster than I originally thought.

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